PWA Apps: Benefits And Results? Why Is The Future Behind Them?

PWA Apps: Benefits And Results? Why Is The Future Behind Them?

In this article, we will answer all the questions about PWA applications: what it is, what applications from Pwa Store look like. In the beginning, I will tell you the most difficult, and then I will move on to the easy one

Let’s start
In @pwastorebot  through the button “Cloak PWA application  ” you will receive the downloaded link. On this link, you just need to run an advertisement. We take the link, copy and paste it into the Facebook ad campaign, press the “Publish” button. Your link is uploaded. This means that Facebook moderators and bots go to the White page, and target traffic to the Black page.
In this case:
White-page is a white site that Facebook does not prohibit advertising, conditionally a game development site. We create them ourselves and change them periodically.
Black-page is where users who click on your Facebook ad go to. In this case, the Black page is a fake Google Play page, where we have integrated the PWA application into the Install button. The user clicks “Install” and the PWA application is downloaded from him.

It is the PWA application that is downloaded, not the APK. The difference is that PWA applications are installed with 1 click. There is no “You are downloading the application from an unverified source” checkbox because the PWA of the application is part of the Google Chrome browser. It’s like “Create a shortcut”, only we gave this shortcut a name and an icon. After clicking on the PWA application icon, Google Chrome will open on the phone with a specific link inside this PWA application.

PWA is a Google Chrome-based application. This, in essence, is Google Chrome, but it only opens the link that we need.

How does it look to the user?
PWA applications can be placed anywhere, insert any button into it. But, if our applications give good results on Google Play, then we just took and made the same landing page.
Nothing has changed for the user. He sees an ad on Facebook or Instagram, clicks on it, and opens our Google Play landing page. He downloads the application and it appears on the phone. When opening the PWA application, the user opens our streaming link, that is, he sees the casino.
Now you know what a PWA application is, how it looks and works in the field of gambling. Now I will answer the most frequently asked questions:

What is the lifespan of PWA applications?
Infinity! We laid out the Google Play landing page ourselves, it is located on our server, PWA applications are also not prohibited. They are seen only by users who got on the black-page. Facebook moderators and bots don’t see them. How can you ban something that you have never seen?
Only close links are banned, but each close link has a unique domain, and a new one is created in our bot in 5 seconds!

Can anyone design a PWA application?
Yes! Since we make the Google Play landing page ourselves, we can make any design.  For example, for guys who meet certain conditions, we make a design, name, and icon for the product.

What about the lifespan of Facebook accounts?
To be clear, a very large split test is needed. Right now, the accounts with us and our partners, on average, live ~ $ 100. Some accounts work for more than 3 days.

What is the difference between PWA and Webview applications?
Webview applications are loaded into the real Google Play, for which they often get banned. A PWA app is a very smart shortcut to the Google Chrome browser in a pretty wrapper. It opens the link we need. PWA applications are hosted exclusively on the landing page, in this case, on our fake Google Play landing page. They are not moderated or deleted in any way: our landing page, we do what we want

And if from the user’s point of view?
It makes no difference to the user. If I install the PWA and WebView application on your phone, you can open, enter slots, and play. There will be no difference between them.
WebView is a browser inside an application, it opens a specific link. And PWA is Google Chrome inside the application, it opens a specific link.

Are there push notifications?
Yes, everything is exactly the same. Pushes are sent to our database, just like on WebView applications. We can deliver your notifications to you.

Is $99 not a lot?
It is not enough!  For $99 you get:

  1. Cloaking

Our team has developed a full-fledged cloak and every day improves its algorithms. We don’t even need to accept everything on the “white-page” for the duration of the moderation, since there was not a single case that Facebook broke through our cloak during moderation! Loss of targeted traffic in Europe is no more than 5%!

We very accurately separate users from moderators. We learned how to do this when we were working with WebView applications.

  1. Ready white-page for all GEOs that are constantly updated!

You don’t need to make your white-pages, test them, be afraid of the ban! When creating a closed link, we automatically substitute our working white-page!

We have individual employees who constantly make new white-pages and add them to the bot.

  1. Advance purchase and customization of domains for close links.

We buy domains for you, wait for all certificates to start working, make all the settings. Ready domains are waiting for you in the bot!

  1. Support and consultations on cloaking

We know how to send traffic to PWA applications and earn money. We are ready to help you and answer all your questions!

Any of these items individually costs more than $99 on average. It often costs more than $99 to just buy a cloak. It will also cost more than $99 to plant a person who will make cloaking links and set up domains.

From the best to the best!

Any questions? Write

Telegram: @Bomb_35plus
Skype: live:.cid.b17bbf7f87ca1a3e
Mail: [email protected]

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