Push Traffic Market Analysis and Trends 2019-2021 [FREE PDF]

Push Traffic Market Analysis and Trends 2019-2021 [FREE PDF]

Web Push traffic took the advertising market by storm in 2018. Being still relatively new to the market, Web Push technology transformed into a mighty advertising tool in no time. This rapid transformation left marketers without reliable analytics.

What’s the average CTR on your vertical? Will Google ban Push Notifications? What are the top GEOs? Our report answers all these questions and more!

What’s in our report?

The first ever PropellerAds report contains unique information collected by an in-house analytics team.

From the potential Google’s ban to detailed stats on each vertical, the report covers it all. Find inside:

  • Statistics and benchmarks by GEO, OS & Platform, Verticals, and User activity targeting.
  • Web Push market trends: regulation tightening, iOS Push technology, cross-channel integration, and more.
  • Financial forecast: Will Web Push market grow even further?

Download our report by PropellerAds research team to get every bit of insight on the Push Market trends 2019!

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