Push notifications: definition, nets and calendars

Push notifications: definition, nets and calendars

What are push notifications

A push notification is a pop-up window with a message that appears on the screen of a user's device. In arbitrage, push is considered as a source of traffic. However, the content of such a notification may vary; depending on what you intend to advertise. Promotions, news, personal discounts and promo codes can all be presented to the audience through push notifications. In the crypto market, Push notifications are used to announce token presales, exchange openings, exchange discounts or currency rate hikes.   

Push as a source of traffic

Push traffic is the traffic you receive from users who click on a push notification and open the website (landing page, app, etc.) that you are advertising. In 2022, this type of traffic is considered one of the most converting, now we will tell you why.

By 2020, most users were facing banner blindness. This is a phenomenon caused by an overabundance of online advertising that causes visitors to websites, blogs or social networks to start ignoring commercial ads. The result of banner blindness is mass unsubscription from email newsletters, the purchase of premium accounts with ad blocking.

And this is where pushes come into the picture. These are truly noticeable notifications that are hard to miss. They are always delivered to the user's device, don't get banned, and look authentic.

How to make money from push traffic

Push-traffic is one of the most sought-after sources of inflow for crypto-offers. Let's look at the benefits of push traffic, compared to other advertising platforms:

  • Facebook. Unlike the popular social network, push notifications are easier to promote in grey verticals. Ads with crypto offers are banned by Facebook's rules, and accounts and ad accounts are regularly blocked. Webmasters, tired of wasting time on the daily farming of accounts, are actively uploading through pushes;
  • Teaser networks. The main advantage over teaser networks is that there is no need to spend budget on tests to disable all sites with bots in a tracker. There is no ban in push networks and the audience is much cleaner compared to the same teasers.

The main benefits of push traffic for an arbitrator

 If you've never uploaded through push networks, consider a few more basic benefits of such traffic:

  • Effective impact on your target audience. Despite the number of open tabs on the user's device, a push notification pops up above them;
  • Low financial threshold to enter the traffic source. The average cost of a push ad auction starts at $50.00.
  • Push-notifications as an arbitrage tool are easily mastered by beginners. A push network account is set up in a few minutes, managers help with creatives, and spy services can help you find an interesting bundle.

Push notifications help to get a large amount of traffic in a short time. As a rule, a webmaster (if set up correctly) gets thousands of clicks to a landing page in 1-2 hours after the tide has turned.

What are push networks: their advantages and main differences

Push-networks are a direct source of traffic. It is an intermediary platform for buying traffic. It connects the webmaster (arbitrage team) with an affiliate program or direct advertiser. The networks differ from each other in terms of location, traffic volume (subscriber bases you will be uploading to) and advertising auction load.

If you have never uploaded with pushers, the easiest thing to do is to "probe" the advertising format on a large, trusted network. On such networks, you'll find a large volume of traffic on offer. In addition, most large networks do not limit themselves to selling traffic. Many take on the function of an affiliate programme, offering fresh, unpressed offers with interesting creatives. Large networks collaborate with top arbitrage teams, they try to maintain a high level of reputation and regularly update their subscriber base.

In small local networks there is more "free" auction, relatively low competition, but such networks have serious drawbacks: webmasters have virtually no ways to check the subscriber database, which means there is no guarantee to get fresh traffic and updated base. Also, the smaller the network, the more questions about its reputation in the market.

Top 3 push networks 2022

The best way to pick an uploading network is to test a few options. The Neogara team has prepared a review of a few popular nets for you.


PropellerAds is a fairly large network that has been selling traffic since 2011. It has a live subscriber pool of over 350,000,000 subscribers. It is not limited by the GEO and allows you to upload to 190+ countries.

The minimal admission to the auction: $100.00. Payments are accepted by debit and credit cards, UnionPay and WebMoney e-wallets. PayPal and ePayments can be deposited via the support team.

Allows you to target your audience:

  •         By GEO;
  •         Platform, browser or operating system of the device;
  •         Provider;
  •         Language;
  •         Black & White Sheets.


 It is considered to be one of the largest advertising networks in the world.

Minimum entry to the auction: $50.00. Deposits can be made in bitcoins. Money can be deposited by bank cards, Bitcoin wallets, ePayments, WebMoney, PayPal, Wire.

 Allows you to target your audience:

  • By GEO;
  • By device type (desktop/mobile);
  • By provider;
  • By age and gender;


Push.house is a young but fast-growing advertising network. It reaches a subscriber base of 180+ countries.

The main advantage of the Push.house grid is the minimum cash entry, which is only $50.00. You can recharge your account using bank cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrency (bitcoin) wallets.

 Allows you to target your audience:

  • By GEO;
  • By device type;
  • By browser and operating system.

How to promote product advertising via Apple and Google calendars with push

 Calendar push is a source of traffic that allows you to promote product advertising through IOS/Android calendars. An ad launched through this format is displayed in the Calendar app as a scheduled event.

A push-calendar is an opportunity to create a full-fledged advertisement with a headline, link or text. Imagine an internet user browsing a to-do list on their device will thoroughly read the promotional text integrated into the push notification. Could the targeting be more accurate?

Using Calendar push is just as easy as regular notifications: you select a push grid, set up an ad campaign, mark "calendar" under "notification type" and start uploading traffic. The exact instructions will depend on the push network you choose.


 Push-notifications are an effective source of traffic. It converts well, looks natural and doesn't get banned when it's sent. The sale of push traffic is handled by specialised networks. When choosing a network, you need to look at its reputation, auction load and the renewability of its subscriber base. The best way to establish whether such a source is suitable for you is to create your first advertising campaign using push ads. As for us, we wish you successful tests and profitable bundles!

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