PropellerAds Team on their Plans for 2019

PropellerAds Team on their Plans for 2019

We are starting off this year with some massive product development projects.

First of all, and what our advertisers and affiliates were anxiously anticipating – we are working on interest targeting. This project is at the final stages, so soon enough you will be able to enjoy super-precise audience targeting.

Among other objectives, we are planning to triple our user base by introducing enhanced Smart Links and more meticulous and close cooperation with our publishers. By the way, we are the biggest ad network in terms of a number of users, collected directly from publisher websites: we never use misleading methods to inflate the number of Push Notification user base. That’s how we ensure the outstanding quality of our push traffic.

Another big project coming out soon is a Global User ID. What’s that? It’s a technology enabling cross-channel campaigns. For example, you have a perspective user found with OnClick campaign. Now, by employing the Global User ID, you can continue interacting with this specific user, but this time you will reach him with Native Ads or Interstitial or Push Notification – up to you and your marketing strategy.

We go on with improving our Push Technology; this year, it will get even smarter! Our team has developed an algorithm that analyzes 50 (!) factors and user parameters so every Push Notification can reach the right user. For instance, this algorithm takes into consideration how often a certain user is online, what time, how often he clicks, what he clicks, what are his interests - and many-many more social, demographic and behavioural factors that have an impact on the success of an ad campaign.

And of course, we are introducing new bidding models - so you can run campaigns the most convenient way possible.

To sum things up – this year, our clients will get the tools they can’t find anywhere else.



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The company was founded in 2011, out of a desire to create a better bridge between publisher and advertiser. We understand that both sides need to be equally catered for in order to have a truly successful network. Serving ads in more than 195 countries worldwide, we currently deliver more than 23 billion ad impressions and thousands of advertising campaigns monthly, across desktop and mobile devices. Check our site:

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