Pre-landings with PWA! Types and uses

Pre-landings with PWA! Types and uses

Made a powerful update to our PWA and cloaca bot! @pwastorebot
From now on, users can go from the ad to the pre-landing first, and from the pre-landing to the Google Play page to the PWA installation!

What are the benefits?
A better conversion!
The user sees a gambling ad, clicks on it, and is taken to a prelanding made for the casino.  He gets his bonuses, clicks the "Get Bonuses" button on the prelanding and gets to the Google Play installation branded as a PWA casino, already motivated! 💥

Where can I get pre-landings?

In the near future, we will make the bot automatically access pre-landings, but in the meantime, you can ask our manager to put it on the domain of your choice! 🙂

Can I put my own pre-landing?

- Yes! We can upload your prelanding to our system and put it on your links. It will only be available to you! It takes no more than 10 minutes!
Works on all sources! Facebook, Tik-Tok, Google! Both on PWA apps and on cloak!
⚔️ We've already uploaded all the top pre-landings on all the casinos, wheels, and more! If you don't have any pre-landings- no problem! We'll upload it in 10 minutes!

💡 What are the options for use?

Actually, there are a lot of options for use. You can just put bonus in pre-landing. Usually such pre-landings are right in the offer, and you can ask a manager to put it up, it won't take more than 10 minutes!

A more complicated option is to make your own preland.Here you have a huge choice.  Here are a couple of examples that immediately come to mind:

For the holidays. For the new year, for example, you could take a casino wheel and make it be in the snow, add Christmas attributes in the design, and when you spin the wheel, bonuses would pop up like the opening of a New Year present. The user already has pleasant emotions and is more willing to deposit, bringing us ROI 🎁And not the only new year, but also other local for GEO holidays.

Under events. Boxing, football, cricket, dota.

Success stories. Old as the world, but it may still be working.

Surveys. This is something that I find interesting, but a little bit tricky to implement. I will now give you an example of what this type of pre-landing is.
My favorite example is based on the dating verticals. Imagine a situation where you're working with a dating site. A typical advertisement is 'go there are a lot of girls', the user goes to it, downloads the app, opens it, looks into it, registers.

A variant of the work with the survey, the advertisement is 'go there are a lot of girls', the user goes to the advertisement, opens the pre-landing, and the questions start there:

- Which girls do you like best ( blonde/redhead, etc.).
- What body shape do you like best (answer choices).

A couple of simple multiple-choice questions, where the user just clicks on the suggested buttons, and at the end there's something along the lines of: "analyzing the best options for you, looking for the best app", there are percentages running and then a "here's the best option for you" notification and a download button appears. A super-motivated user downloads, because that's what he needs…
I think it's clear what type of pre-landings this is, many of you have seen them not only in dating but in various verticals as well!
Figures say that running with a survey increases conversions by 20-40%...

Fantasy. There are many, many possibilities for implementation! You can build theories, combine, test and think through funnels here, guys! 💥

Thank you all for your attention and profit to all!

Any questions? Write

Telegram: @Bomb_35plus
Skype: live:.cid.b17bbf7f87ca1a3e
: [email protected]

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