Optimize and Save with Smart CPM by Adsterra: Targeted Traffic Solution

Optimize and Save with Smart CPM by Adsterra: Targeted Traffic Solution

Adsterra has introduced Smart CPM pricing, a highly sought-after bidding model in the market. This innovation empowers advertisers and media buyers by automatically adjusting bids based on competition, ensuring the most cost-effective traffic acquisition.

Smart CPM from Adsterra handles traffic bidding automatically, factoring in competition dynamics to secure optimal prices for displaying your ads to the intended audience.

Are you wondering how Smart CPM enhances your cost-efficiency? This sophisticated algorithm competes for prime placements, strategically placing winning bids to showcase your ads to the right users. Notably, it never surpasses your preset bid. For a comprehensive yet concise guide on leveraging Adsterra's new pricing model, refer to the following information.

Smart CPM by Adsterra: points to try

Let's commence by grasping the essentials. Smart CPM introduces a bidding paradigm fueled by advanced algorithms. It actively participates in auctions, strategically selects bids, and secures ad views at optimized rates. The algorithm iteratively refines the payout, ensuring a consistently competitive edge.

Compelling Factors to Embrace:

  • Accelerate campaign launches by twofold: Intelligent algorithms swiftly evaluate competition and configure bids.
  • Reclaim valuable time previously spent on bid adjustments.
  • Navigate a secure spending path, particularly when working within budget constraints.
  • Attain substantial ad impressions while mitigating the risk of excessive expenditures.
  • Initiate traffic cost optimization from the outset.
  • Gain invaluable insights for future precision in pricing enhancement (Custom Bid).


How does Smart CPM work its financial magic?

You establish the CPM cap, signifying the maximum bid for 1,000 impressions that suits you. Subsequently, the algorithm embarks on sourcing the most suitable traffic and strategically bidding to secure victories in auctions.

The crux of the matter is that bid refreshing becomes unnecessary. Ensuring adequate traffic flow no longer demands multiple bid adjustments. Typically, the bid needed to triumph in an auction comes in lower than your preset cap.

Here's a demonstration of its functionality: Assume your bid is $3.5. Your focus is on [US, mobile, Android]. Concurrently, two other advertisers are vying for the same targets with bids of $3 and $2. In this scenario, Smart CPM will place a bid of $3.01 and emerge as the victor in the auction. Nevertheless, your traffic volume will remain unchanged, akin to a $3.5 payout, but your actual cost will be just $3.01. That's a win-win!

At this juncture, we strongly advise against overbidding. Your task is to establish a desirable cap, not to aim for the highest conceivable payout.

Quick Guide: Activating Smart CPM

To begin, ensure you're registered with Adsterra.

Within your account, navigate to Campaigns -> Create, and proceed to the Pricing type section. Select CPM and activate Smart CPM with a simple checkmark. This activation empowers our algorithm to manage your bidding process automatically.

Next, input your desired bid for your targeted traffic. This bid serves as a spending threshold for Smart CPM. However, rest assured that the algorithm continually seeks chances to place bids lower than necessary to secure victory in the competition. Notably, your bid will never surpass your set maximum.


Which Prevails: Smart CPM or Traditional CPM?

Let's delve into a comparison of two pricing models: CPM and Smart CPM. The former is familiar, involving payment for 1,000 ad impressions. With this approach, you manually select the most suitable bid, repeatedly. Your bidding strategy will evolve over multiple iterations, carrying the potential risk of losing valuable traffic volumes. Yet, the reins remain in your hands.


  • Manual configuration demands time and strategic finesse
  • Traffic performance exhibits substantial variance, necessitating meticulous traffic slice testing
  • Exploring new geos and traffic segments limited to minimal bids
  • When you possess a precise grasp of traffic conversion, fixed bids yield expected outcomes

Conversely, Smart CPM presents a streamlined, cost-effective alternative. Adsterra's ingenious algorithm incessantly determines optimal bids. Automation minimizes risks, placing you in a safer position. Moreover, you retain the capacity to cherry-pick prime placements for future inclusion in a whitelist (assuming you've incorporated tracking mechanisms).

Elevating Trials and Refinements with Smart CPM

Whether you're venturing into a novel market or experimenting with a fresh traffic segment, your goal is swift conversions and frugal initial spending. In this scenario, Smart CPM operates like a mystical wand, accumulating a substantial volume of ad views while maintaining expenditure within bounds.

Following a trial run, your focus shifts to statistical insights, facilitating the identification of the most productive placements to compose a whitelist for your next campaign launch.

But that's not all. Smart CPM also amplifies the effectiveness of campaign scaling. Scaling involves augmenting both the quality and quantity of traffic. It's akin to recommencing traffic source testing, which bears inherent risks. However, Smart CPM acts as a safeguard against potential setbacks. It expertly uncovers budget-friendly traffic sources, preventing financial depletion during the scaling process.

Prioritizing High-Performing Traffic

For acquiring an increased number of ad views from top-performing ad placements, Smart CPM proves to be the perfect choice. Let's delve into the specifics.

Upon running ads for a duration, you can amass data on the performance of diverse ad placements (assuming you've included specific tokens in the landing URLs). Your task is then to elevate bids for placements that yield enhanced profits.

Access your campaign via the My Campaigns tab. Navigate downwards until the Advanced settings segment is visible. Locate Custom Bid. Within this section, input the IDs of the placements (with or without geos) from which you desire augmented traffic, alongside an increased bid. This methodology has the potential to significantly enhance campaign outcomes, ultimately resulting in superior ROIs.

Smart CPM will seamlessly persist with automated bidding, seamlessly integrating your custom bids. A win-win situation!

By the way, the reverse application of this strategy is equally effective. You can establish minimal bids for sources that channel less profitable traffic. Explore the multifaceted utility of Custom Bid for comprehensive insights.

In Conclusion

Smart CPM offers you the opportunity to secure the lowest feasible price while prevailing over your immediate traffic competitors. Yet, what if your adversaries, in unison, also adopt Smart CPM? The outcome remains consistent: our astute algorithms adeptly identify the triumphant bid within the competitive pool, ensuring no advertiser overpays.

In summary, the following key benefits are now at your disposal, ripe for enjoyment and exploitation:

  • Significantly curtail the time invested in bid strategy
  • Exert control over traffic-related expenses, all the while attaining consistent volumes and top-tier quality
  • Elevate the effectiveness of testing, campaign refinement, and expansion endeavors
  • Harness combo settings to regulate daily expenditure or selectively amplify bids for superior-performing traffic sources


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