NEW CC-Submit brand – RexOffers! Exclusive Landings, New Soul!

NEW CC-Submit brand – RexOffers! Exclusive Landings, New Soul!

Happy Early Spring!

Can you smell it? Close your eyes and recall the colours and aroma of your childhood during springtime. How do you feel? Fresh...

Now open your eyes, and check out something else that's fresh and about to bloom like the upcoming spring season: the latest - exclusively designed Landing pages for our in-house CC-submit offers under the brand RexOffers!

Our team has run a lot of calculations (they call it "in-depth analysis") i.e. improved payment funnel (eg. checkout page native-esque), and selected the most demanded products (iPhones & PS5, yes) in the TOP-performing GEOs resulting in the following NEW Exclusive Offers:

iPhone 12 Pro Landing. Color - Black. Countries - Australia, Canada, Italy, New Zeland, United Kingdom, Unites States


Samsung S21 Landing. Color - Blue. Countries - Australia, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Unites States

Sony PS5 Landing. Color - Blue. Countries - Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Unites States


XBOX Landing. Color - Blue. Countries - Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Unites States

What's been improved?

  • In-house designed Landing Pages
  • The check-out page looks more native, duplicating the first-step page
  • New Payment system Implemented 

What do we expect?

  • Landing Page to load faster
  • Users to be more engaged
  • Higher CR & EPC

Give them a look and a decent test! APPLY HERE, start running now and participate in our Bonus Program! 

Have questions? Ask our managers for more landings & how to setup your personal referral link.

RU-speaking AM: Vlada (Telegram @Gasmobi)
ENG-speaking AM: Rik (Skype ricardodblanco84)


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