What is Dynu In Media?

Dynu In Media was established in Vietnam in 2019. The company has been one of the biggest CPA networks since its inception. In addition to Tier 1 GEOs, we also work with a few Asian GEOs. 

In addition to CPA, CPC, CPL, CPS and CPV campaigns, Dynu In Media also distributes campaigns through international distribution channels. Advertising and publishing partners can work together through the company's fast and efficient platform to achieve the best results. Advertisers can always count on their expert team to find the best offers and to assist with any campaign issues they may encounter. 

The following have been accomplished:

  • Approximately 20,000 leads are generated daily
  • Attract 200 influential advertisers and clients
  • Achieve an audience of over 1000 publishers
  • Advertising campaigns based on CPAs, CPLs, and CPSs
  • Payout rates for offers are competitively high
  • The following categories of cashback provide cashback: sweepstakes (SOI/DOC/CC, trial/PIN submission), finance, gaming, surveys, extensions, insurance, health & beauty, Bizoop and more.
  • Globally, the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and most of Europe, as well as some Asian countries
  • Wire transfers, PayPal, Payoneer, and other payment methods are available

Dynu In Media is perfect for beginners

You can earn affiliate commissions with Dynu In Media by following a few simple steps.

  • Find a niche where you think you can market effectively and get good quality referrals. Think about referrals that can be converted, not just clicks.
  • Start by finding affiliate schemes that might serve the niche you are interested in, and that can also offer CPA payment models - it may be useful to examine the available offerings before selecting a niche and that will help guide your selection.
  • Opt for an affiliate program with a good commission rate that caters to the niche you want to work in, and find out what their affiliate program acceptance criteria are.

Use this information to make sure your referral platform is set up correctly-such as setting up your website, keywords, content, and advertising methods.

  • To reach your target demographic, find out how and where to reach them, how to get their attention, and how you can convert interest into sales.
  • Submit an application to the Dynu in Media that fits your niche and offers affiliate partners you are interested in working with, and ensure that you meet their requirements.

Rather than merely achieving large streams of traffic and hoping some will convert into customers, consider using the maximum amount of promotion to get quality traffic that you can convert into sales.

How The Dashboard Looks Like? 

Their use of the HasOffers system makes Dynu In Media stand out from the competition. The app allows you to build your own advertising network using affiliate marketing. Direct publishers are better able to reach companies like Dynu In Media through it. The benefits of this include campaign optimization, fraud detection, real-time reports, link tracking, and many others. 

When you log into your account with Dynu In Media Network, it looks like this 

Various important data will be visible on the dashboard. Several options will be available on the sidebar. Browse the offers, view the reports, use the available tools, and check your account. As well as your account manager, you will also find the details of how to contact them at any time throughout the day. 

Within seconds of entering the offer page, you will be greeted with hundreds of offers. The information provided is useful for previewing landing pages, finding out what the offer is, and checking the payout and geography. All of this information can be used by affiliates in their campaigns. This information can be sorted and filtered in order to find the offers you're looking for. Your performance and conversion information can be found on the reports tab. You can access detailed reports that contain information about a variety of important data to better optimize your campaigns.


Pixels/ Postback

Your campaign pixels and postbacks can be found here. They are all nicely arranged. Pixel or Postback tracking can be used for conversion tracking.

You can easily implement offers through

Dynu In Media Network for Advertisers


Advertisers are chosen by publishers. Although the advertiser decides who can see their ads, it is ultimately up to them. In just a few days, you can reach millions of potential customers. It only takes a few minutes to complete the short form. Within 1 business day, one of our Account Manager will contact you.

Following are the features that make Dynu In Media Network perfect for Advertisers

Anti-Fraud Technologies

The IP database of ForensiqTM and IpQualityScore provides quality metrics based on click scoring and blocking. IP and conversion rate control platform that automatically blocks sources when conversion rate is too high or too low for incentive campaign.

Brand awareness and customer acquisition

Boost your exposure online without taking any risks. The cost is determined by the outcome you desire, so you pay depending on the outcome you desire.

Data translated into revenue

In addition to optimizing and analyzing your campaign data, we optimize your Return on Investment (ROI) by turning it into actionable insights. They help you generate a profit-generating marketing funnel by employing our highly selected Partners.

Maximize campaign performance

They build quality content targeted to social and native channels that is aimed at driving quality traffic.

Quality Publisher

Understand what matters most to customers - a reliable network that delivers reliable traffic and reliable capacity via both internal and external sources.

Dynu In Media Network for Publishers

Join The Dynu In Media To Earn Money From Your Website Traffic.

Through proprietary tracking technologies, services, and exclusive campaigns, Dynu In Media is able to further monetize online publishers' efforts with an industry leader.

Their display, search, and social media campaigns support Cost-Per-Action (CPA), Cost-Per-Click (CPC), and Cost-Per-Lead (CPL). Each campaign is guaranteed to be effective and quality by using our internal resources. The technology that manages links, tracks results, and pays publishers facilitates relationships between advertisers and publishers.

Features of Dynu In Media Network for Publishers

Friendly 24/7 support

They make sure you get clear, insightful assistance from a dedicated team of analysts and any concerns you may have are promptly resolved.

Visual real-time report using HasOffers

With Hasoffers' user-friendly platform and effective tracking system, publishers can track and report their performance intuitively, including real-time statistics, different types of reports, and campaign tracking.

Access to 600+ offer

We run direct and semi-direct campaigns with a variety of verticals, including Sweepstakes, Leadgen, Extensions, Surveys, Loans, PIN submissions, CC submissions, Cashback offers - mostly in US, EU geographies.

Final words on Dynu In Media

There's no doubt that Dynu In Media is a terrific CPA network worth paying attention to. The network also appeals to a lot of super affiliates and will be featured online in the near future. The platform itself is proving to be a powerful tool that its expert team is maximizing to the extent possible. 


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