Mobile Rewards - how to use it?

Mobile Rewards - how to use it?

If you have your app and you want it to be profitable I’m sure that Mobile Rewards is nothing new to you. It’s a mechanism that in some ways looks kind of like an exchange transaction. What does it mean? The app user performs an action from the list to receive a reward specially prepared by the developer. Completion of the mentioned task generates profit for the application owner, and at the same time benefits the user.

It’s really easy to use but you have to have a good idea to make the best out of it. In this article, you’ll find the answers to the following questions: 

  • How to use Mobile Rewards to earn money effectively on mobile games? 
  • Why should you be interested in Mobile Rewards in the context of earning money on games? 
  • What to do to make your actions make sense?

Mobile Rewards - practical use

Let's imagine that a mobile game-app hero "dies" at the climax of a given game. The user of the app is disappointed that they did not achieve the goal of completing the level. At the same time, they hope to continue the game without having to start all the action all over again. You feel sadder already, don’t you? No worries, that's the point when Mobile Rewards comes to the rescue. 

As the user wants to continue the game, they will complete the task to enjoy the desired gameplay. So as you can see, Mobile Rewards is nothing terrible and you probably also used it as a player many times before. You just need to make sure you know how to make good use of the potential of this tool.

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Why should you become interested in Mobile Rewards while running a mobile game?

With the growing competition in the mobile gaming market, developers have to focus on user engagement and retention to make sure their actions would bring the desired effects. This is why some kind of compromise is needed between the will to monetize and the user experience (UX) is key. The aforementioned Mobile Rewards helps to achieve this compromise. By using it, the introduction of non-rewards advertisements may be minimized or completely excluded. The same is the case with rewarded-ads. Mobile Rewards, however, is such a flexible tool that can be successfully used as an additional element, not the only one if you want to earn money on the mobile application.

Even if you think that the attitudes of today's users seem demanding and their requirements too high, not only Millennials indeed value the possibility of profit with minimal own contribution. Users require developers to provide only free games. Thanks to Mobile Rewards, their expectations can be met.

As you see, it is a win-win situation for everyone. This tool improves the operation of the app for free and does not require the user to have or use financial resources. Great, right? From the perspective of a programmer or developer, they are an opportunity to increase revenues and engagement and thus make the user stay. What about advertisers? The advertiser receives the action performed, e.g. downloading a mobile game. So note that there are no losers in this situation.

How to earn using Mobile Rewards?

Mobile Rewards can be used to block certain content or provide rewards to app users. There are quite a few known uses of this tool. We’re going to take a look at them right now.

One of the first solutions that come to mind is to start the game with a bonus. Have you ever seen the notification saying “Play five days in a row and get a special gift”? This is exactly what we are talking about. It is called a Daily Reward for a reason. And there’s no doubt that it is a great way to mobilize your users to return to the game the next day.

Reward shop

Another idea is to create an additional in-game panel that can act as a sort of "store". In this store, you can buy additional points, virtual coins, or upgrades for the characters of the game in the form of new weapons, armour, or building materials or anything that you can think of. The currency in such a store is, of course, the time and commitment of the player. Their task is to perform a specific action (e.g. providing an email or downloading an application). In return for the action performed, the player receives the promised reward of their choice, e.g. acceleration of construction.

No limits throughout the game

This option is perhaps the best in the case of reward advertising because the players can continue their adventure even if they lose their virtual life. After losing the round, Mobile Rewards is displayed on the device screen with the list of actions to be performed, thanks to which the user returns to the game without losing the points obtained so far. Why is this solution so common? It is beneficial to the developer. After losing an action, the user usually leaves the session. The use of Mobile Rewards makes it more attractive from the user's point of view to stay in the game, which increases the average time spent in the app.

Many developers also choose to lock some special levels. That can also mean additional boards, worlds or settlements, and in some cases other "premium" options, such as dialogue options in story-building games, available only after completing Mobile Rewards tasks. This is a great variety to the game. 

Fairy with gifts 

An interesting, but a bit more difficult solution may be including Mobile Rewards in the game's plot. It is all the more demanding that the concept of using rewarding ads should be taken into account already at the stage of planning the plot of the game and writing the code. One of the most interesting applications of this solution is seen in the Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff game, in which one of the characters - Carl, works in a store selling movies. From time to time, Carl is displayed on the player's screen with an offer to obtain currency used in the game in exchange for... watching a video. Clever isn’t it? In a game in which you build an ancient city, the movie shop won't make any sense. But why don’t you come up with a fairy or a sage that would appear with a bottle of magic potion? Any character can appear in the game offering an additional product in return for completing the task on the list. Creativity is the key to success here.

A dose of additional motivation 

Another possibility is to use Mobile Rewards in racing games or so-called shooters. In this type of games, there are very often contests or competitions in which the user has the opportunity to compete with other players. After the race is over, the results, a summary of achievements and received rewards are displayed on the screen, and with them… Mobile Rewards with an offer to obtain additional points, coins, or life energy (HP) units. It is worth adding that it is the user who decides whether or not to use a given offer. Performing a specific action is completely voluntary so it doesn’t seem very annoying.

What can you offer your players?

What rewards can you offer as a developer/app owner? The possibilities are more or less limitless. It all depends on the idea of the app and creativity of the creator and, of course, the ability to apply them in the game. Most often you can see bonus points, virtual coins, or other in-game currency offered as prizes but there can also be “extra lives”, experience, or unlocking certain functionalities available to premium users. Sometimes it may be a clue that helps you pass a certain stage of the game. Note that the more interesting the reward, the more willingly the action is taken by the user.

If you are wondering how you can improve your Mobile Rewards or what rewards to choose for your players, contact MyLead Team. They will prepare an audit for you that will allow you to increase your earnings on your mobile app.

Tips to consider when using Mobile Rewards

For Mobile Rewards to turn out to be a useful and effective tool for you, it is worth paying attention to several important elements that will allow you to earn money effectively on your app. Here are some of the tips you could use to gain more:

  • appearance also matters - make sure that Mobile Rewards is well integrated into the plot of the game, and that its use doesn’t arouse suspicions, and more importantly, does not irritate the user. You don’t want to scare potential players, right? Lockers available on MyLead have a lot of visual editing options that will allow you to adjust their appearance to your needs
  • use, do not abuse - Mobile Rewards is supposed to be a good alternative to the annoying ads that we all hate. Keep this in mind when using this tool in your app and don't overdo it. 
    • Make sure Mobile Rewards doesn't show up too often. Let it be every few minutes of the game. Thanks to this, you will avoid a situation in which the user will intentionally lead to a situation in which his hero dies, only to get additional coins needed to complete a task.
    • It will also be a good idea to display Mobile Rewards only from a certain level of advancement in the game, i.e. not from the very beginning. It is also a certain psychological mechanism thanks to which the application will not scare potential players away.
  • increase emotions gradually - grade the "pleasures". If the rewards become more attractive as the level increases, the user will decide to take action even if the game is going quite well. The value of the prize often determines the user's behaviour. They must feel that this is specially selected, and the action they must perform is worth taking an action.
  • take care of satisfaction - make the rewards limited in some way. Think about it so that the player can take advantage of the extra life option, e.g. only three times in a row. Otherwise, the competition will be much less satisfying

If you want to gain even more see what works best for you. Use analytical capabilities and conduct appropriate experiments to find out what brings the greatest benefits. Maybe you will conduct A/B tests for this purpose or use the audit we mentioned earlier? Remember that a huge dose of knowledge can be found on MyLead. If you have any questions - ask.

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