is the new solution for Affiliate Market! is the new solution for Affiliate Market!

Hey everyone!

Today we are going to review the hot novelty of the Affiliate Marketing, I would say an innovative solution -, cpc network with an unlimited amount of push-traffic, that rapidly developing within the market.

This article is the way for you to have a look inside the network and understand why the network is so demanded and profitable for advertisers and media buyers.

General Review

Let’s start from the list of the niches, are working with:

- Nutra

- Dating

- Sweepstakes

- Gambling

- Bookmakers

- Binary options

- News




- Date and Time

- Browsers (9 options)

- OS (5 options);

- Devices (mobile/desctop);

- СРС (the minimum rate, the average rate and the percent of traffic which is expected at a current bid)

- Limits (for the budget and for the number of clicks)

- IP ranges.

If we are talking about the traffic per geo, these guys have an unlimited amount of traffic and that is surely give odds to their competitors.

Among the big pluses

I would like to make an accent on the point, that the guys often write the interesting cases based on their own experience and tell how is better to run offers through their platform on different geos and niches.

The site is very useful and usable, there placed all need information about the network and even users who don’t know who is and what is the push-traffic will understand it at once.

+ Straight on their site you will find the information about amount of traffic divided into different countries.

So, we have checked the site and now we an go inside and look on the main thing I guess – account and activity inside it.

How to start cooperation with

To start run your offers with youi don’t have to spend a lot of power. First- register your account, second – add needed amount of money and catch on the good revenue.

Please note, the minimal amount of money is 100$ and what is cool, the network has a lot of ways to make a deposit:

Internal transfer – you can make a deposit using bonuses from or with help of promocode.

Interkassa with commission : adcahs, Beeline, epay, Epese, Евросеть, Exmo, Ibox, Mastercard, Мегафон, МТС, Payeer, PM, Qiwi, RBK Money, Связной, Tele2, Ukrterminal, Visa, Wex.

Direct transfer: Bitcoin, Epayments, WebMoney, Paypal.

What is better to run?

Actually, you can run anything you want. Unexpectedly, yeah? There almost no restrictions, but obviously the network has it is own rules, which you should follow the rules. For example, you cant use creatives which can shock or frighten people and also you can’t use the admissible and the forbidden materials for adult.

Examples of allowed creatives:

Examples of forbidden creatives:

Also, it is forbidden to use creatives with the drugs urging, creatives that calling for violence and etc., but it is the standard approach.


When you started to run your campaign, statistics automatically updates in your account. What is included into statistics:

- Campaign ID

- Name of the campaign

- Theme of the push

- The message shew in the notice

- Amount of clicks

- Limit per clicks

- Budget limit

- Price per click

- Country

- Costs

- Amount of sales

- Profit

- ROI in percentages

- Revenue

- Date of camping creation

- Link on the statistics per campaign

Detailed statistics:

In addition to general statistics, you can find statistics per countries in the bottom right corner, it shows which geo is the freest and what in the busiest one from the point of traffic coming:

Referral program.

As it was already mentioned, you can save your money and run the offers using the referral earnings from, especially in from of the fact that they give 7% per each friend you attracted to the network.

Overall, I would say that these guys are really promising and as they say they are the first network which have started to work with the push notifications and I am ready to believe in it. In conclusion: they have the useable interface, the clear payment system and you can save your money and earn at once.

Isn’t that cool?

Find на Affbank:



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Hey, my name is Uliana, I am here to provide you with the top affiliate content, starting from Facebook arbitrage to Push traffic. Ask me anything: [email protected]

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