Immerse your audience with Interstitials: newly launched on Adsterra!

Immerse your audience with Interstitials: newly launched on Adsterra!

Exciting news alert – Adsterra just dropped a much-awaited feature that's about to level up your ad game: meet Interstitials, the shiny new addition to Adsterra’s Self-Serve Platform!

Interstitials represent a whopping 50% of the ad demand among the unique Social Bar users on Adsterra’s managed accounts. Now, they’ve ceased to be an “at the request” feature, and are available to all the advertisers on the SSP, too. More to the point, Adsterra designed a stack of pre-customized templates or skins that have proven to be champions in different industries – Mobile Utility, Finance, E-commerce, Dating, iGaming, and more. These will definitely make your online advertising skyrocket!

Curious, what Interstitials are? Here’s a concise recap with everything you need to know:

  • Full-screen ads appearing on top of web content, impossible to overlook.
  • Main elements: Large image/text, heading, description, CTA, "Close" option.
  • Takes up 45% to 80% of the webpage with a darkened background.

Try Interstitials NOW!

Adsterra positions Interstitials as a subformat of the unrivalled Social Bar  which means you can run A/B tests with up to 15 different visuals within one campaign. If this is not enough for you to seize the opportunity and test this new tidbit of an ad format, here are a few more things meant to change your mind:

  • Interstitials are UX-friendly and brand-oriented.
  • They make creative uploads easy and have unprecedented viewability.
  • Interstitials appear as a first-in-row ad placement, potentially eliminating the need for a prelander.
  • They’re also ideal for CPI, CPD, and CPL campaigns and have competitive CPM rates for prime ad placement.

For Adsterra, Interstitials are something worth boasting about: “Powering our platform with Interstitials, we intend to unlock new opportunities for communicating the ad message in its utmost creativity yet efficiency. We are also determined to make our services more accessible to all partners, reducing the time required for testing and launching ad campaigns”, says Gala Grigoreva, Adsterra’s CMO.

Looks like Interstitials have got you covered: you’re only one click away from boosting your CTR, scaling your Popunder campaigns full blast, and injecting breakthrough creativity into Social Bar campaigns for hot leads.

Let your interstellar journey with Adsterra’s Interstitials begin right at this link! Don’t forget you can get 200$ by sharing your results once you try the new format out. Maybe your Interstitials case study will be the first one on Adsterra!


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Adsterra's new Interstitials feature seems promising for advertisers looking to improve their online advertising game. The pre-customized templates and the ability to run A/B tests with up to 15 different visuals within one campaign are particularly interesting. Additionally, the UX-friendly and brand-oriented nature of Interstitials, along with their high viewability, make them a compelling option for advertisers.

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