How to Increase Online Profits with Affiliate Programs?

How to Increase Online Profits with Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate marketing is one of the practical and simple ways of earning additional passive income on the Internet, as well as promoting your business by attracting partners who will involve even more clients.

If the question “How do I become a partner in an affiliate program?” just popped into your head - let us help you with it.

Pick the preferable niche you’d like to work in (financial/forex/crypto or any other among the variety of them out there). Pick the exact program you’d like to join: you can base your choice on their rating, payouts, or a cute logo (we at FoxOffers are proud to have high marks with all of those parameters).

After joining the program you just need to place a link to the offer on any web portal: on your website, blog, or page on social networks. Then you will be surprised by the magic of web opportunities.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Here is the scheme on how affiliate marketing works in general:

  1. A user (prospect client) follows the link you've shared.
  2. Then he buys a product/subscribes to a service/complete any other target action on the affiliate website or in the offline store.
  3. The affiliate network tracks the details of the purchase and transaction.
  4. The partner affirms the purchase.
  5. Voila! You get your commission paid.

It's as simple as that!

Top 3 Reasons to Become an Affiliate Partner

Here are three main advantages of becoming an affiliate marketer:

  • You get paid, but you don’t directly sell anything.
    You do not need to communicate with buyers. Nor you have to worry about their satisfaction level. Your main task is to connect the seller with the relevant client. That’s all. Then you receive a commission from a successful deal between those two parties. It's a comfortable passive income that doesn't require your constant attention and direct communication with users.
  • Suitable for small businesses and startups.
    If you are struggling to find an investor for your startup - affiliate marketing can be an excellent option for you to find and collect the funds you need. Useful fact and figure: about 80% of brands rely on affiliate programs in their marketing efforts because it requires relatively small investments to launch and operate.
  • Even more online exposure.
    Companies usually mention affiliates they work with on their websites, so your brand may attract more business owners. Affiliate marketing is beneficial for both the partner and the seller: the first one receives payment for advertising affiliate products, and the second one gets new customers.

How Affiliate Gets a Commission?

Usually, there are two main modules on which the commission can be set for participation in an affiliate program:

  • CPL - cost per lead - you, as an affiliate, get paid after the conversion of leads, i.e. when the client performs the needed action on the seller's website.
  • CPA - cost per action - affiliate gets paid for each client who completed the required action (buys the product, purchases a subscription, etc).

But we at FoxOffers also have Rev.Share plan - due to the specifics of the industry we operate in.

  • share stands for “revenue share” and means that you get paid a certain amount or percent of the transactions that the clients you bring to the seller have made.

Now when you have needed information about affiliate marketing and are ready to become a partner, it's time to pick up an affiliate program which to work under.

We recommend joining FoxOffers, one of the most profitable affiliate programs in the Forex/Crypto industry.

4 Reasons to Join FoxOffers Affiliate Program

FoxOffers is an affiliate program for the direct advertisers - platforms created for trading cryptocurrencies, commodities, forex currency pairs, and metals.

Here are 4 main reasons why you should join FoxOffers if you consider affiliate marketing as a passive income source:

  • Individual approach. Each affiliate got an assigned partner manager who will communicate with you directly and will take a deep look into the specifics of your business/website/blog, etc. He/she will help you with any issues or questions related to your campaign.

  • High and timely payouts. We support a number of payment methods, such as Wire transfer, PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, and many others, so you can choose any you want. You get paid twice a month on a NET15 terms.

  • Transparent stats and data reporting. Get full statistics via our integrated Cellxpert software. You will get full access to your campaign stats including: clicks, conversion rate, commissions, and payouts.

  • Web and mobile support. To efficiently transfer traffic from all channels, both web versions and mobile versions are available on our platform.

As we mentioned earlier you can choose between different Partner Plans available at FoxOffers, such as:

Revenue share (with up to 50% of the broker’s profit).

CPA (we pay up to $1200 per qualified trader).

CPL (you receive up to $40 just for a valid lead).

— Also, we can adapt any available program according to your needs. Contact us with your suggestions, and we will help you pick the plan according to your needs and requirements.

Make a smart choice, become FoxOffers partner, and make a profit!

To join FoxOffers affiliate program, feel free to contact us at any time:

Email: [email protected]

Skype:  [email protected]


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make better.!!

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3 years ago

I have being thinking of this and this article have really help to exposed how this affiliate marketing work but the only challenge is; it require one having a website or blog before you can be affiliate marketer which I don't have for now. Any other alternative?

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3 years ago

Patryk Symanski
Patryk Symanski

Yeah, sure, there are plenty alternatives. I'd suggest you try generate traffic from email marketing or social media. It might work very well in that niche.

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Just perfect

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How do I apply?

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