How to drive PPC traffic to PWA apps and double your conversion rate? Trend 2021-2022

How to drive PPC traffic to PWA apps and double your conversion rate? Trend 2021-2022

Pwa apps is a technology that allows any website to be transformed into an app. A player will be able to add that site to their phone's desktop in one click and use it as an app.

Because of this, you get an increase in your top metrics:

1. The LTV of the user grows - because the application is on the desktop, it is more accessible and he will be more willing to access it. He does not need to search for the site in the browser again. Thanks to this, the advertiser will appreciate your traffic even more, seeing higher rates.

2. Rising rates of the average check from the player and repeated deposits (according to our analytics on average of 135% in the first week). Because through Push notifications, the player receives reminders directly to their phone and they return to the app.

3. The overall quality of traffic grows. You can easily get rate increases on your traffic already after the first conversions, which the advertiser needs to evaluate the traffic.

And we, the PWA-STORE team, have created such a service. It is perfectly suitable not only for PPC traffic, but also for any other source.

Let's analyze the case by the example of our partners, who have already earned over $50.000 from PPC traffic to PWA applications

The traffic was coming from google search and coming to prelending in the form of casino ranking. They put our link to PWA on their black-page instead of ranking. Now the users who click on the ads will go to the PWA application:

Screenshot to understand what page and what users see.

They were running for a few weeks, as a result the guys increased their conversion rate by 2 times.

We make PWA applications for your product in 15 seconds! The perfect solution for Gambling, Betting, Binary, Dating, Finance and any other verticals where it's important for the user to be active again

For more information on how to work with our service, you can read in this manual -

I would also like to add that a huge team of professionals worked on the creation of PWA applications service: the owner and the inspirer, developers, designers, copywriters, marketing experts. Everyone who took part in the development and creation of the service has been working in the affiliate marketing field for a long time, he knows the market, his needs, what every affiliates lack. Market experts have created a service that allows you to do it!

Especially for you.
From the best for the best!

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