How to drive ads through streaming services: Netflix

How to drive ads through streaming services: Netflix

For many, 2022 was a period of change – the shares of dozens of world-class companies began to fall exponentially. Their target audience is getting smaller and smaller every day. Such a significant profit drain simply cannot be ignored. All these circumstances forced even the largest streaming service Netflix to change its advertising policy.

For more than a decade, the company stood apart on subscriptions and did not attract advertisers to its side. However, in recent months, Netflix has lost more than 30% of the original stock price, the audience of the project and the number of subscriptions purchased have seriously fallen. All this led to the fact that the platform began to consider the introduction of advertising integrations on its pages. How this will happen and whether it will be possible to drive traffic to the streaming service – we will tell you further.

Traffic arbitration with Netflix – how will it be? 

As they said, the decision to introduce advertising integrations to the service is planned due to a drop in the number of paid subscriptions. So far, the exact terms of cooperation with advertisers have not been disclosed. However, it is planned that the company will add several new types of subscriptions with reduced cost and advertising.

At the same time, advertising on Netflix is not something special. There will be no separate advertising cabinet, wide targeting settings, tracking user actions, and so on. All this will have to be implemented by the arbitrageur himself. Moreover, arbitration via streaming services has always been popular. The competition here is high, there is a lot of traffic, but all this costs significantly more than standard ads.

If you still want to try to launch an advertising campaign in this way, then consider the following recommendations:

  1. It is most profitable to choose payment for the purchase of a subscription. Even one client can already bring us from $10 to $25, which is pretty good. If you want to, you can try working with the second model – payment for the installation of the application. However, here the payment varies from 2 to 3 dollars. That is, for a good profit, you need to pour on quantity, not quality.
  2. Do not forget to specify the starting bonuses in the ads. Netflix's target audience is much better at agreeing to commit a targeted action if you first offer them a free trial period. Also, the platform often arranges promotions and significantly reduces the cost of access to the service – focus the client's attention on this.
  3. It is best to advertise streaming services through pushes and popunders. The first option is perfect if you show the first seconds of the movie and offer to watch the continuation of the popular series on Netflix. The second option will go no less well with movie or TV series posters.
  4. The most effective drives occur during high-profile premieres. Various film festivals, announcements of new films or the continuation of legendary TV series. All this attracts a lot of customers, which you can convert into profit.

As for specific promotion strategies, there are a lot of them here. Firstly, it is possible to make a banal announcement of a new movie and warm up the interest of users in its release. Secondly, you can make a selection of films of recent years and insert links to Netflix there. Thirdly, you can work on a more native format and recommend movies to watch on weekends.

Finally, we recommend not to forget about targeting. At least find a suitable time for your target audience, at which it will be most convenient to watch movies. Sometimes you can significantly increase CR by simply moving the promotion on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, i.e. weekends.

Summing up the results

In today's material, we have figured out how to drive traffic with Netflix effectively. And although the platform has not yet given the green light to advertisers, it is already clear that this direction is very promising. High bids for leads, large reach and audience confidence in the product. All this can make your advertising campaign successful even in the first stages of the drive.

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