How can you make any user pay attention to your website? What design tricks can be used in affiliate marketing to create a converting landing page? We share useful recommendations for practicing webmasters!

Scientists say that 85% of people on our planet may be considered as visuals. This fact alone indicates the important role that web design plays. Especially when we speak about Internet marketing and sales. A few basic principles that will help you increase the conversion of your website or ads are given below.

Use ‘power points’

There is a ‘rule of a third one’ in photography. And it can be successfully applied in web design. According to it, the frame/image/picture, and, in our case, the website page, is visually divided into three parts. So there are 9 identical squares.

The points in the middle of the four intersections are called ‘power points’. Everything that is within these areas, is paid attention by the human eye in the first place. So, when creating a landing page or advertisement, place the most important elements at these intersections.

We recommend you to take a look at landing page examples #1 and #2. Thefirst one was created for ‘Parasi Cleaner — KE’ offer (capsules from parasites) and the second one was created for ‘Havita — TH’ offer (hair growth product). For both examples, the ‘rule of 3rd’ is observed.

Remember about the Hick's Law

That’s another important principle that can help you increase the conversion of your website or ad. It is named after William Edmund Hick, a British psychologist who said that the time necessary for a person to make a decision is directly proportional to the number of possible choices. More options to choose from means more time to make a decision.

This theory is supported by a study by psychologists Mark Lepper and Sheena Iyengar. During a social experiment, they found that a table with 24 kinds of jam is less attractive than a the one with just 6 options. When a person saw a lot of information, the likelihood that he would buy something fell by 10 times.

By limiting the user's choice, we increase the conversion. And you should keep this in mind when creating a landing page. Ideally, it’s desirable to think about all possible users’ decisions on the website in advance and reduce the their number to a minimum. The more you narrow down the choice, the easier it will be for people to use your website. And, of course, your conversions will increase.

Don't forget about the gaps

There are two interrelated terms in web design — positive and negative space. The first includes all the elements of your site. The second one includes gaps between them. Proper use of negative space can make the information on your website more legible and noticeable. This will help you create a converting landing page. And here’s how ‘’ portal uses gaps to keep attention on the ‘Call To Action’ – ‘Sign in with Facebook* or Google’.

Some recommendations for using the negative space are as follows:

  • the smaller the font size is, the more space should be left between letters;
  • the line heightshould be about 150% of the font size;
  • divide large blocks of text into smaller ones;
  • include more negative space between large elements of your website (menu, header, content).

Use the F-Model

Many studies prove that when people view a text, their gaze subconsciously moves in a certain pattern. First we look from left to right, then we move down. We pay the least attention to the lower right corner.

To increase conversions, try to place the most important elements along the F-space, and everything else outside of it. Convenient communication means (social networks, phone number, etc.) should be located in a visible position. It’s desirable to show the product itself in a clear and accessible way — use photos, videos, etc. Remember that the more information there is, the more users will trust you.

Based on the F-model, landing page example #3 for ‘Livepros — MX’ offer (prostatitis treatment product), as well as example #4 for ‘Lumos — GR’ offer (anti-pigment face cream), were created.

Use the icons in the same style

Often designers draw the icons by hand. But but if this is not possible, it does not matter. Many free icons can be found on the Flaticon website.

We have icons drawn in the same style on our landing pages. We recommend you to take a look at the landing page example #5 for ‘Fortikux — MX’ offer (food supplement for weight loss), as well as at the examples #6 and #7 for ‘LongUpGel — PH’ offer (male potency gel).

Make your ad more noticeable using contrast

Contrast makes ‘Calls To Action’ more noticeable, and hence increases conversion. Buttons and text should contrast with each other in a proper way. Black text and a white background are considered as web design classics.

There is an entire Color Theory, according to which any color affects the human psyche. For example, red color encourages us to action, so it can be used for CTA buttons.

Blue color is a calming one. It’s associated with stability and can be used for medical websites.

Green color is traditionally perceived as a natural one. It is good for advertising organic cosmetics, natural products, etc.

For target buttons, you can use orange color, which is positively perceived by people.

Women are fond of purple and pink colors. So they are good for the niches of online clothing stores like Wildberries.

In general, the website background should contrast with the text, headings, and other important elements. Adobe Color or ColorSheme services can help you choose the right color combinations.

You can create a color palette in Adobe Color. To do this, go to the ‘Create’ section and select ‘Color Wheel’. Then, in the middle column, set the major color for your website.Complementary or opposite colors will be determined automatically. Also, on the left, there is an opportunity to select the type of color scheme: monochrome, sequential, etc.

The Color Theory really works. Please take a look at landing page example #8 for ‘Hollywood Smile — PH’ offer (veneers for both jaws) and example #9 for ‘Slimmax — ID’ offer (capsules for weight loss).

Don't forget about the 8 second rule

The essence of this rule lies in the fact that you have just 8 seconds to attract the customer’s attention. This is exactly how long a person's ability to concentrate on one thing takes. The following recommendations will help you create a converting landing page and keep the attention of visitors at your website:

  • make the heading as catchy as possible. It should briefly and clearly inform the user about the benefits of your product;
  • supplement your message to the customer with eye-catching images that natively convey the major goal of the product;
  • the ‘Call To Action’ button should be noticeable and clear for understanding.

Good examples in our affiliate program are landing page #10 for ‘Lavite — ID’ offer (face tightening serum) and landing page #11 for ‘HairPerfecta — SK’ offer (anti-hair loss spray).

Use the law of similarity

Usually, a person perceives the entire structure differently than its separate parts. We like when similar objects are located near each other in separate groups. Use this pattern. Just imagine… Your product has a great recommendation. To make it positively affect the conversion, you should place an application or subscription form next to the feedback (review) block. The bottom line is that even if the recommendation isn’t relevant to this form, the user will have associations.

Here are several examples — landing pages #12 and #13 for ‘Viakore — TH’ offer (male potency cream) and landing pages #14 and #15 for ‘Hairlab — ID’ offer (hair growth product).

Look for quality visual content

One of the ‘Bright Local’ studies showed that 60% of people prefer search results that include images. And ‘Skyword’ studies proved that interesting images in visuals get more views — by 94% on average. Therefore, when you work with your landing page or advertisement, avoid too boringand stereotyped images/pictures. You can find high-quality images not only on paid stocks since there are some free services to help you create a converting landing page. Among them are:

  • Death to Stock
  • Pexels
  • Unsplash
  • StockSnap
  • Negative Space
  • Superfamous Studios
  • Little Visuals
  • Gratisography
  • Kaboompics
  • Picjumbo

We recommend you to take a look at the content on landing page examples #16 and #17 for ‘LongUpGel — PH’ offer (male potency gel) and example #18 for ‘KetoExpert — RO’ offer (capsules for weight loss).

Use ‘capture hooks’ and social proof

By ‘hooks’ we mean various widgets and forms like a Pop-Up for a callback, a newsletter subscription, an online consultant, a countdown timer, etc. All of them will help you get the most out of your website.

‘Social proof’ means various certificates, diplomas and feedback/reviews. The last ones are especially important. For example, ‘Data Insight’ study and ‘AliExpress’ proved that 9 out of 10 purchases are made due to customers’ reviews. You can add a review widget from Yandex.Market or Google Reviews to your landing page.

Great examples are landing page #19 for ‘Calentras — CO’ offer (warming joint cream) and landing page #20 for ‘VisageMax Cream — MY’ offer (anti-aging night cream).


In this article, we have considered the main points that can positively affect the website conversion. We hope that the information provided was useful for you. Now you can create a converting landing page. We wish you all the success!

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