Get higher profit with these nutra offers from Everad!

Get higher profit with these nutra offers from Everad!

Everything you need to know about varicose niche and Indonesia

Symptoms and signs

Varicose veins, varicoses, or varix is a medical condition in which superficial veins become enlarged and twisted. The advanced stage of the disease may result in thrombosis or physical disability. In addition, the symptoms of the disease are not fabulous at all: gummy ankles and feet, pain, heavy feeling and fatigue by the end of the day. Additionally, there is a danger of thrombus formation and infection. Due to the fact that the quality of care provided in Indonesia is still low, locals suffer from pain or use effective remedies. For example, Varius.

What is the root cause of the disease?

There could be any number of reasons. For example, some doctors do not recommend smoking if you have varix. However, in Indonesia, the number of people who smoke is really high, about 60 million. Moreover, standing work, sedentary or too active lifestyle, overweight and pregnancy may also cause the disease. And of course the older you are the higher the risk.

These people are at high risk: hairdressers, shop assistants, waiters, teachers, cooks, massage therapists, drivers, doctors, etc.

Your target audience

This niche is connected to hemorrhoids and weight loss niches, so their audience will be similar. Speaking about your target audience, there are 3 main portraits: women over 40, young mothers, and men who constantly lift heavy loads. Find the detailed picture of each group below.

TA 1. Women over 40

She is a housewife over 40, who cannot live a day without her garden. She wakes up early in the morning and has so much to do all day long. Sooner or later this way of life leads to vein problems. She wants to reduce the symptoms and get back her energy. The main symptoms are swelling, cramp and spider veins on the legs. Nevertheless, she doesn’t want to visit the doctor as she is afraid of any surgical intervention or expensive care. She is looking for a chip remedy to get rid of the symptoms.

TA 2. Young woman

She is a married housewife over 25 with at least one child. She noted some symptoms of the disease during the pregnancy. And now the situation is even getting worse. She is looking for a sovereign remedy that will save her from the external symptoms of the disease. She does not want to waste money. She is a young mother so she needs an organic and safe remedy.

TA 3. Man with occupational disease

I have already mentioned that men are much less likely to suffer from varicose veins – about 15-20% of all cases. But their disease is much more complicated and more painful.

He is a man over 40 with a loving wife and children. He is involved in work where he needs to lift weights. He works as a builder, storekeeper, removal man. He is looking for a remedy to get rid of pain and heavy legs, and numbness in the legs. He is afraid of losing his job. Therefore, his main motivation is to find an inexpensive remedy that will stop the pain.

That’s all for today! Read, listen and try our offer to catch the best prey. If you have any additional questions, just drop me a line on Telegram. Au revoir!

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Don`t forget to contact your personal manager. He will help you and answer all the additional questions.

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