Fill out surveys for money. MyLead has introduced a brand new feature.

Fill out surveys for money. MyLead has introduced a brand new feature.

The desire to make money online is something that all MyLead users share. Some prefer to become virtual sellers and promote CPS programs, while others earn in the CPA model by enticing recipients with a new online game in which passing the first level is sufficient. Some devote their time to the difficult but profitable promotion of cryptocurrency programs, while others prefer to devote their time to developing effective strategies for the promotion of dating programs.

All of these groups are motivated by the desire to make money online. And each of them has been given a new opportunity for easy extra money. Here are the MyLead Surveys.

How to gain access to surveys?

For some time now, each MyLead user has had access to a new tab - Surveys.

After clicking the tab, you will be taken to a completely different panel. You will see the survey terms and conditions as well as a FAQ section. Acceptance of the regulations is required in order to gain access to the available surveys. Read the terms and conditions and agree to them.

Great! You now have access to a new earning opportunity on MyLead!

How do the surveys work?

After accepting the terms, you will see all currently available surveys, along with the rate, which will be transferred to your MyLead account as soon as you fill out the survey. The survey can be chosen based on several criteria, including execution time, rate, and rating.

You can begin after selecting and clicking "Go to the survey."

When asked for your age, please enter your current age rather than the year you were born.

The money from each survey will be added to your MyLead balance as soon as it is completed. It is worth noting, however, that the first surveys may be the testing ones, which means you may not get remuneration for them. Some surveys also necessitate additional verification on the part of the surveyor. In such a case, the remuneration may not appear on your account for some time.

Do you want to give Surveys a try right away?

Earned funds appear on the dashboard as accepted funds, and a campaign named "Survey" appears in the "Statistics" tab. The money earned for completing surveys is combined with the money earned for promoting affiliate programs, and thus withdrawals are made in the same manner as before.

Keep in mind, we value honesty. Therefore, you will only be paid if you answer the questions truthfully. Our algorithm meticulously analyzes and compares your responses to various surveys. If these are significantly different, the quality of your responses suffers. The more diligently you fill out the surveys, the more credibility you gain in the eyes of the researcher, which leads to more surveys and higher rates.

What kinds of questions can you be asked?

The surveys cover a wide range of topics. You'll be questioned on marketing topics such as consumer trends, the performance of ad campaigns, and satisfaction levels with transactions, as well as labor markets and investment views.

The survey questions can be closed-ended or open-ended.

What else should you be aware of?

You can participate in the survey by yourself or by accepting the invitation sent to you based on your IP address and user agent. Depending on how frequently you conduct research on a particular topic, you may receive up to a dozen invitations per month. Remember that the number of accepted invitations, i.e. completely fulfilled surveys, and the quality of your responses, will also influence the intensity of invitations. Some surveys may require consent to be contacted and sent marketing information from third parties in order to be accessed.

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