ExoClick produces Ultimate Guides for Publishers and Video Advertisers

ExoClick produces Ultimate Guides for Publishers and Video Advertisers

The Ultimate Optimization Guide for Publishers is aimed at overcoming 2020 challenges and improving each Publishers’ bottom line. The guide has 11 problem solving solutions using ExoClick’s platform tools/features, covering issues such as beating browser restrictions and getting more qualified Push Notification subscribers, Chrome workarounds using Popunder and Fullpage Interstitial combinations, monetising ad block traffic with Popunders using ExoClick’s in line code, how to increase the value of Native ad zones, how to increase video advertising revenues and business intelligence statistics.

One of ExoClick’s key objectives is to ensure that Publishers are fully Google compliant to ensure that rankings are kept high and ad zones are not blocked, both of which can drastically affect Publisher revenues, so the guide also includes information on how ExoClick’s platform automatically converts heavyweight ad creatives to lighter, high quality versions to ensure fast loading of ad zones. Additionally the guide explains how ExoClick’s Compliance department ensures that all ad creatives are in line with Google and The Better Ads Coalition to keep a publisher’s website 100% Google compliant.

The Ultimate Guide to Video Advertising contains everything an advertiser needs to know about getting started using ExoClick’s platform for video advertising. As most adult content sites contain only video content, video advertising is becoming more and more important and the CTRs for video ads are much higher than traditional banners. 

The Guide gives full explanations about ExoClick’s two video ad formats: In-Stream and Video Slider, network business intelligence data showing the higher CTRs across a large range of offer verticals, video ad content tips, ExoClick’s video ad making service, how to set up a video ad campaign, two video advertising case studies and tips from ExoClick’s account managers.

The Guides can be downloaded here:

The Ultimate Optimization Guide for Publishers

The Ultimate Guide to Video Advertising

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