Easy money: 100$ daily from dating offers

Easy money: 100$ daily from dating offers


It’s a simple Case Study, where I won’t reveal top secrets, but it’s a real guide about how to make 100$ daily from the Advertising Network by running dating Offers.

Simple steps. One of the most promising niche. Let’s do it.

I work with dating niche during a long time and I remember well the time, when Instagram gives me $100 or even $200 daily from the spam traffic only and it was converting a-a-amazing. Now it’s different of course, but the “dating” niche is immortal: in fact you don’t sell anything, people only need to create an account on the websites they like.

No lyrics, get to the point.

Recently I have met one of the representative of ProfitSocial and he proposed me to test this Affiliate Network, I decided to try.

These guys have been long on the market, but they set up their SmartLink system only in 2017.
They claim to monetize 100% of the mix traffic, from almost the whole world.

Add here some technical features, like automatic optimization and fitting campaigns to your traffic source and you will see why I decided to try it.

As the traffic source I choose Exoclick Network, cause I already set up some campaigns there and I thought nothing to change, even the same GEO – Italy, as SocialProfit allows WW GEOs.

It was also Mobile + no limits for the traffic flow, I took all what was running.

For 2 days for Mobile traffic I got 5289 clicks and the CTR rate was 2%

As you can see, even the CTR rate isn’t the highest one, but see: I like the  price for a click. I spent $26.5 for this campaign ^^

Just for a joke, I didn’t turn off Windows Phone,  and even this dead OS gave me 141 click with 1.49 CTR rate ;)

As for the categories, you can see that  the most popular was MILFS and General categories.

Here you are the stats from Exoclick. I was testing it for 2 days only, and hadn’t no tests before that.

And, of course, what you expect most of all — stats from Social Profit Affiliate Network.

I got 123 leads and earned almost 202$. I am very satisfied with the results. I didn’t even bother,  with this SmartLink, without any trouble : )

This spurred me a lot, and I tried the same for Spain and Italy [as you can see in the screen]. Germany doesn’t work, but Spain works excellent, but as I already said I wouldn’t reveal big secrets, sorry, guys, it’s still an Affiliate Marketing ;)

But I will share with you some creatives which work the best:

=> You may check other creatives in Affbank free spy tool.

What to say more? I sure will send the part of my traffic for these guys until that converts. For you, who believe the dating is dead, huh! Here you are the direct contradiction!

ProfitSocial – it’s a great way to monetize your mix traffic from all GEO’s.

That will work the best for those who buy tons of traffic  from different Networks or run big volumes from doorways traffic, especially because the Network works not only with dating, but with adult, that will significantly increase the conversion rate!

That’s all what I wanted to share with you today.

Don’t waste your time and money and start earning while sleeping right now!

=> You may check all Offers of Profit Social here.

Mr. Affiliate

Written by

Mr. Affiliate

I am an online Marketer since 2013, worked already for many global Networks, earned big cash and ready to share with you some of my working schemes.

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Hello, can you use the tracking tool? What research do you need to do before running this offer? Please answer, thank you

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