Earn & Cash in with Gasmobi’s Referral Program!

Earn & Cash in with Gasmobi’s Referral Program!

Dear partner, we know how hardworking, proactive, and creative you are in order to make things work, and you rock! We understand how tricky the affiliate business can be and we’re conscious of what it takes to succeed: time, knowledge, money, ups & downs...the vicissitudes of life!

However, we also understand that it’s a two way street, and we’re more than happy to give a helping hand to our affiliates as they constantly push us to be better!

At the moment, Gasmobi is offering extra $ to each affiliate that refers their friends to our network.

The referred affiliate needs to sign up with your ref link, and once they reach $500 (see rules below), you’ll start earning 3% of their revenue on a monthly basis, for a period of 6 months.

Rules & guidelines:

  • Everyone sending traffic to Gasmobi is eligible for the referral program; they just need to use their unique referral link.
  • The minimum threshold to activate the commission is $500.
  • The bonus restarts every month; revenue can’t be accumulated over to the next month.
  • The referral bonus duration is for six months.
  • The referral bonus is for the current monthly activity and is payable at the end of the following month, i.e., the February bonus will be paid on March 30th.
  • Any fraud detected during the month of activity in which the bonus was generated will unfortunately result in the cancellation of the bonus.

Let’s start making more money!

Read more about Referral Program and share your Gasmobi experience with friends by using your ref link! They earn - you earn! A WIN-WIN situation!

Big Money starts with small savings! Use this opportunity to increase your ROI!

Ask your AM for details and Apply HERE!

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