Driving Google UAC traffic to gambling offer with 112% ROI | GEO: Chile

Driving Google UAC traffic to gambling offer with 112% ROI | GEO: Chile

Traffic source: Google UAC
Affiliate Network: Traffic Cake

Time Period: 13.03.21 - 16.04.21
Payout: €80 (≈ $97)
Costs: $39,115 (Includingmarketing consumables)
Profit: $44,117
ROI: 112.79%

Greetings everyone!

Chile is a fresh and very promising GEO in terms of profits. In this case study you will learn how you can drive traffic to Chile, one of the LATAM states, and make a really great profit!

Being able to react quickly to any changes in the market is the key to making big profits, so don't be afraid to choose new GEOs featuring potentially solvent users. You're probably already used to working with a certain GEO where you're able to make steady profits. Of course, stability has undeniable advantages. But what if moving to a new market allows you to double your ROI?

Affiliate Network and Offer

Let me introduce myself, I'm Jaybiee, a humble mediabuyer, you probably already had a chance to meet in marketing field.

So, I decided to test a new - for me - GEO on VulkanVegas offer, and I've been driving traffic to Traffic Cake’s gambling product, my partners who have literally stood the test of time. My choice in favor of Traffic Cake is due to several reasons including a wide range of well converted gambling products, responsive customer support, fast and timely payouts (on Mondays).

I would like to give special thanks to Traffic Cake's manager who referred me to ‘’fresh’’ Chile. Yes, it was the manager from Traffic Cake who recommended me to try a new GEO, thereby providing me with a good profit.

However, let's digress from Chile a little bit. I've worked with this affiliate program before - I was driving traffic to a product oriented to the CIS region. Guys also have an offer for Ukrainian market supporting local currency(UAH) and with a localization.

Кейс: Льем с GoogleUAC на гемблинг с ROI 112% | ГЕО: Чили, изображение №1

Now let's go back to Chile.

So, here are the conditions offered:

CPA - payment for the first deposit made by attracted player.

RevShare - here you get part (%) of what your players left in the casino. Usually, RevShare is from 40%.

Кейс: Льем с GoogleUAC на гемблинг с ROI 112% | ГЕО: Чили, изображение №2

Metrics and Recommendations

So, I drove Google UAC traffic (with APP) to using CPA payment model. The payout rate per active user was ≈97 USD (80€).

As for the app, I got access to the option with gambling design. So, the search engine found the target audience almost instantly. I emphasize the speed of finding the target audience for two important reasons. First, getting to your target audience quickly is almost a guarantee that you will be able to save your budget. Second, you get better quality traffic.

Potential Problems You May Encounter

Probably, everyaffiliate has faced a problem with apps getting banned, and I had to suffer the same fate. However, Traffic Cake provided me with a new app promptly so I didn't lose the traffic. I optimized on installations (CTI) and on CTR that directly influence the cost of installations. Since I only get paid for views, I had to create great marketing creatives to grab the attention of potential users.

By the way, if you want to get unique marketing creatives, I recommend using Spy-tools.

From news creatives and content with a strong emotional component to slots, I've tried several different options. For example, news creatives provide a pretty high CTR, while reg2dep on the contrary is pretty low. Since the opportunity to get easy money and get rich quickly appeals to many users, emotional creatives have proven to be better than the others.

In an effort to get great profits, you should focus not only on selecting creative ads, but also a good place to show them. So, I don't recommend choosing female-themed websites, gaming resources (non-gambling) and websites dedicated to children. I made a bet on video content that I displayed through the YouTube platform, and I did not lose.

In addition, having good Google accounts is also an important part of success. I had two accounts promoted* for three months, but I recommend to use at least six month promoted accounts. So, I spent 100 USD (50 USD for each account) to promote my accounts.


Accounts are:

— correct profile registration of the profile;

— maintaining a profile as a regular (live) user;

— to launch small budget campaigns on the “white” niche.

So, everything is ready for profitable traffic!

Of course, I will provide statistical data, because there is nothing more clear-cut than numbers and graphs. If anything, I look forward to your comments.

Although you should always strive for the best result, Chile fully met my expectations. As it turned out, testing new GEOs pays off in the form of good profits.

Кейс: Льем с GoogleUAC на гемблинг с ROI 112% | ГЕО: Чили, изображение №3

My Profit

This GEO is really cool because it is characterized by very cheap traffic. After 34 days I received 867 FD, where 1 FD = 45 USD (including tests and and some other expenses).

The payout per lead was ≈97 USD, so the conditions here are really favorable!

Wrapping Up

So, here are a few reasons why you should try cooperation with Traffic Cake:

  • Full support at all stages of the marketing campaigns, which is good for beginners and those who are at a standstill for various reasons.
  • Access to a free app that fully meets your requirements.
  • The opportunity to get a really high profit.
  • Fresh GEO and a product that converts well.

Of course, many people want to avoid risks so they may continue to use GEOs and offers that have stood the test of time. However, if you choose a good affiliate nettwork, you will see that this risk is almost always justified.

So, keep an eye on the market, choose reliable affiliate network, and test new GEOs. You wanted a recipe for success? It's right in front of you!

Let's get your yummy share of the big profits with Traffic Cake!

Affbank Team

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