Clickadu presents - SmartCPM. A new formula of your profit!

Clickadu presents - SmartCPM. A new formula of your profit!

Hey, guys!

Clickadu ranks have been increased and besides, we have released SmartCPM pricing model!

SmartCPM is a familiar algorithm based on CPM but with optimization that allows you to pay less than you have expected. That's right, perhaps you heard something from ad networks, therefore our model will make your conversions more accurate.

So, more specifics:

1) You place the maximum bid you want to pay for specific traffic. That's not a secret that other affiliates bid to get traffic on the same zone as you.

2) The quantity of traffic and competition may significantly vary.

3) The real price for the bid depends on the maximum price that the advertiser is willing to pay and the current price of traffic from this zone.

Example: You set = $6 CPM, the current maximum price in the zone is $3 CPM, as a result, you will receive traffic from the zone at $3. In addition, you get the right to first show ads.

4) SmartCPM model helps to save costs, as it optimizes the price per zone.

Well, ready to optimize your campaign with SmartCPM price model? Now is the time to set a winning bid!

Demian Mash | Clickadu

Written by

Demian Mash | Clickadu

Howdy folks? It's Demian, a little bit of the head of marketing in Clickadu. For any heart-warming collaborations or issues ping me -

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