Choosing best offer - the key to success

Choosing best offer - the key to success

  • December 22, 2018
  • by Byoffers
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It is well-known that the beginning is half of the result. In affiliate marketing, the beginning of the coordinate system named "earnings" is considered to be an offer! We will provide you with several basic tips to keep you safe from fatal mistakes and choose a potentially profitable offer!

One and the same offer, depending on the source of traffic, can show a completely different result, so it is very important to choose the right combination of traffic and offer. Why so? Firstly, traffic sources have their own restrictions on goods and services advertised, and secondly, the audience of each advertising channel responds well only to certain categories of offers.

Offers also have their own restrictions on traffic sources. In the description of the offer, you can also find an enumeration of countries and regions from which it receives traffic. The advertiser’s requirements for the traffic source must be compiled without fail not to receive the punishment due to a violation of the rules.

An important criterion for choosing an offer is the complexity of the target action that a user needs to perform in order for you to be credited and paid for the lead.

The highest commission is paid for complex goals like:

  • payment;
  • purchase;
  • issued loan.

For beginners, due to the lack of targeted and solvent traffic, it is highly recommended to start with offers with the simplest goals like:

  • confirmed application for the goods;
  • registration;
  • subscription.

The simpler the target, the greater the conversion rate and the shorter is the period between a click on the advertisement and execution of the target action.

Thus, simple goals make it possible to track the result of an advertising campaign practically in real time and promptly correct it if necessary. Difficult goals can have a very delayed effect, and you can learn about how effective an advertisement is at times only after a few days, and sometimes even weeks.

Monitor what is now on the TOP listings of CPA networks.

Type the name of the offer in the search engine and look at the number of ads in ad units. If all places are occupied, then this is the first sign that the offer is more alive than dead. But unfortunately, this method does not provide an accurate picture of what is happening.

Google Trend allows you to assess the current popularity of the offer and the stage in which it is located.

Look at your colleagues. There is another good way to not only check the relevance of the selected offer but also to find other profitable offers - see what the competitors are promoting.

Seasonality. Some categories of offers have such a trait as seasonality, due to which the demand for them changes cyclically over the time. A good example is weight loss products. Knowledge of seasonality not only makes it possible to start working with an offer when the demand for it hugely increases, but also allows you to prepare your personal ‘offer calendar’ for the whole year. To do this, it is just enough to study in advance the seasonality of different categories of offers and make for yourself appropriate reminders in the calendar that it is time to start preparing creatives and setting up advertising campaigns for this product.

It is necessary to study the quality of the landing page itself before you push the traffic because this page is the first thing that users see! We highly recommend to use your own built landing pages and test several samples to see what converts better.

If you despite all our recommendations still have difficulties with the choice of an offer, then you can always get advice from our experts at! Specify your wishes as much as possible and remember, your AM earns when you earn money, so do not hesitate to ask for help!


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Please am new, I don't know how to start and how I will get my pay

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Ana Affbank
Ana Affbank

Hi! We have an article that will help you get the gist of affiliate marketing. You can read it here -

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