Case study: white-hat finance leadgen offer on PropellerAds Push Traffic

Case study: white-hat finance leadgen offer on PropellerAds Push Traffic

White-hat finance leadgen offer on PropellerAds Push Traffic. Banco Santander offer on Push traffic.

Leadgen offers have been proven to be TOP-performers on Gasmobi for quite a long time, and with this case study, we would like to share some insights by reminding you that:

Push traffic works great with finance offers! Don’t hesitate to start running with us!

TheOffer – Banco Santander 
Brazil — Banco Santander — Abertura de Contas (Tarifa Zero Conta + Cartao)
Traffic channel – Push notifications
Traffic source – Propeller Ads

Why this offer?

  1. Trusted Advertiser. We’ve been working with the Advertiser for a decent period, and the Advertiser has proved to be fair, flexible and supportive.
  2. White-hat offer. Banco Santander – is a popular and trusted bank in Brazil, 100% branded and well-known product. It is easy to run in terms of compliance and brand awareness.
  3. Easy and straightforward flow. The user needs to open a bank account, order the credit card and confirm everything with an SMS code.
  4. Competitive Payout. $7-$10. Payout could differ depending on traffic quality and volume, but it is still very decent for LATAM.
  5. Interesting geo – BR. Brazil is a competitive region but still lucrative as there is a lot of traffic available.
  6. High approval rate

Advertiser’s insights

We appreciate it when the Advertisers are open to sharing insights to help us optimize & scale, therefore constantly improving performance. This is what we knew about the offer before running it.

  1. Santander products are performing the best on Push and Email
  2. Content-marketing is one of the TOP-channels
  3. Brazilian Portuguese audience only (*other languages not perimited)
  4. Not allowed – pop, native and misleading promotional methods

Creatives - Push notification text examples

TOP angles: easy and fast bank account online, free services.

[PUSH] Sua nova conta corrente está esperando você. 
Dica: é simples+rápida+online.
[PUSH] Veja nossa dica para ter uma conta rápida de abrir e fácil de usar.
Dica: Santander
[PUSH] Quer uma dica?
Dica: No Santander vc aproveita 3 meses grátis no pacote de serviços
[PUSH] Dica para ter sua Conta + Cartão:
Dica: tudo o que você precisa está no Santander.
[PUSH] Tenha conta, cartão e vários benefícios. Dica: experimente o Santander.
[PUSH] Dica: quer 3 meses grátis no pacote de serviços? 
Dica: Abra uma conta no Santander

Traffic Source

When choosing a traffic source, we followed the Advertiser’s recommendations and chose Push traffic. Push notifications allowed us to personalize the message and target the right audience.

Campaign setup on PropellerAds Push traffic.

  1. Users with High Activity
  2. Standard Push Ads from PropellerAds Database
  3. Devices: Mobile, Android
  4. Language: Portuguese
  5. 7 days a week, working hours

Total Numbers

  • Campaign duration – 4 months
  • Total conversions: 4020
  • Av CR 0.20%
  • Av Cost per Conversion $7,6
  • ROI 22%

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