Case Study: 154% ROI on Nutra offer

Case Study: 154% ROI on Nutra offer

Case Data

Offer: Reduslim
Affiliate Program: LuckyOnline
GEO: Spain
Period: May 01, 2022 — June 05, 2022
Total leads: 4286 
Approved leads: 1264 (29,49%)
Ad Spend: $ 21 654
Gross revenue: $ 55 120
Profit: $ 33 466
ROI: 154%

Our partners, Rich Media, have described the case on their Telegram channel, it deals with the Reduslim EU offer which remains relevant and has brought them $ 33 466 USD of profit. We are happy to share the details of this recent case with you. 

Choosing an offer

Nothing lasts forever. Except, maybe, for the weight loss topic. This is why following a piece of advice provided by his manager Dmitry ( telegram:, our media buyer decided to test the popular weight-loss offer, Reduslim. The selected pre-lander was also recommended by Dmitriy.

echnical part

Cloaker: Magicchecker
Tracker: Keitaro
Domains: from

White Page: 

He adapted WP for different gyms, in Spanish. One WP for 10-20 launches on low-limit accounts and 1 WP + 1 domain on high-limit ones.

Black Page:

He tried several page options with a landing page + order form, ran some split tests, and finally opted for a celebrity-endorsed approach.

Case Details 

While working on the offer he used the following sources: 

Antidetect: ADS Power
BM: Verified with 250+ limit
Proxy: Mobile (UKR)

Ad campaign settings

GEO: Spain
Languages: English; Spanish
Gender: Female, 40-65+
Campaign setting: 1-3-1

Ad creatives

He tested new creatives on auto-registrations, after that he added the best performing ones on his high-limit accounts. During the whole period the CPL remained at about $5-8 USD. 

The ad creatives were ordered from NeoCreo.

Examples of ad creatives used in the ad campaign:

Statistics and revenues 

The media buyer wasn’t thinking of openly describing the case, this is why he didn’t keep all the proofs, and Facebook ad accounts which he used while working on the bundle are already gone. But below you still can find a few screenshots which confirm his ad spend and the revenues:

Screenshot from LuckyOnline dashboard

Screenshots from Facebook Ad Accounts


Thanks to a comprehensive approach, the campaign metrics on the chosen GEO & offer remained high during the whole period. And thanks to a well-coordinated work with LuckyOnline Rich Media managed to get a detailed report on all the incoming leads and a better understanding of the customers’ needs.

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