Bahrain: global analysis of the region and analysis of TA

Bahrain: global analysis of the region and analysis of TA

Bahrain, small Arab state situated in a bay on the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf, with a developed oil industry and a high-income of population. By the way, this is the smallest Arab state and the third-largest minority state in Asia.

Bahrain: General information

  • Area: 760km²;
  • Capital: Manama;
  • Major cities: Al-Muharraq, Rifah, Sitra;
  • Borders: Saudi Arabia, Qatar;
  • Language: Arabic, English;
  • Currency: Bahraini Dinar;
  • Religion: Islam.

Most of the country is occupied by deserts. The climate here is dry and hot. The population is concentrated in large cities, we recommend targeting them.

Remember that approximately half of your audience is migrant workers from Pakistan, India, Thailand, and the Philippines. They speak English and it is also taught in schools.

In fact, English is the second state language in Bahrain and is known to most of the population.

The religion is dominated by Islam, but not rigid. Nevertheless, institutions take a break for prayer 5 times a day, and Friday is always a day off. On the other hand, the laws are flexible - for example, cinemas and many other things are pretty affordable.

Bahrain: audience


  • Population: 1.748 million;
  • Demographics: 62% - men, 38% - women;
  • Average income: ~$2150 per month;
  • Source of income: developed oil, tourism, and banking industries;
  • Feature: more than half of the population (~55%) are labor migrants;
  • Appearance:

Generally speaking, the population of Bahrain is not too different from most other similar Arab countries. There is a rich stratum of the indigenous population, wealthy migrants from neighboring countries, and large numbers of wage workers.

Migrants often live in diasporas and do not welcome the laws of the Arab world. For example, they have their own schools, shops and languages.

Online activity

  • Internet penetration: 98.6%, one of the highest rates in the world;ʼ
  • Popular sites: FB, Google, local sites;ʼ
  • Average internet speed: ~48 Mbps;
  • The predominant type of traffic: mobile.

Bahrainis are digitalized guys, almost the entire population is present in one way or another and makes purchases online. Most of them prefer mobile devices.

Internet is fast, and available throughout the country. There are no problems with free networks either - free Wi-Fi is available on the streets and in institutions.

On the other hand, the Internet is subject to censorship - sites with prohibited materials are blocked, and their creators are punished. You can not post 18+ content, criticize the authorities or incite hatred.


We have identified several key mentality traits that you should rely on when developing funnel:

  • Religion. The audience adheres to Islamic rules and will not tolerate their insult. Exposed bodies, harsh statements, the use of famous personalities and many other approaches will be condemned, be mindful of morality;
  • Attitude towards women. Women in Bahrain are allowed more than in other geos. Girls can drive a car, make decisions and take some liberties - and therefore, you should not write off the female audience;

  • Social inequality. Bahrain, like other wealthy Arab countries, has a huge gap between the wealthy and the migrants;

  • Cars. There is virtually no infrastructure for pedestrians in the country - almost the entire population travels by private cars;
  • Family and conservatism. In Bahrain, family is treated with respect and conservative values are respected. Families often spend time together and this is one of the main values for the locals;
  • Left hand. Try not to use left-hand gestures on promotional materials - it is considered "unclean" in Islam. For example, it is worth checking pictures of pills in hand or reviews;

It is better to use the right hand - it will protect against negative associations

  • Craving for information. Like almost all Arabs, the people of Bahrain appreciate informativeness, capacity and modesty. Ditch the slogans, flashy pictures, and other annoying content—focus on the simple presentation of important data. For example, you can talk about the performance, conditions, or experiences of other buyers.

In practice, it is enough not to overload the page with a bright design and avoid aggression.

The inhabitants of Bahrain are quite loyal, they are more difficult to offend by violating religious values, but this should not be abused. Just remember the bright features of the local culture, this will help to avoid mistakes.

Problems and offers

Let's move on to audience problems that can be solved with nutra offers.

Do you want to find the most converting offers?

Write to the manager of Everad - he is always aware of which products bring profit!

One of the first problems is a classic for the male audience, potency. There are enough elderly people in the country,  but hot Arab blood requires activity, despite age.

This is a common story for Arab countries, and given the huge volume of the male audience, potency enhancement products are becoming one of the best categories of offers.

The next urgent problem is prostatitis, and it is no longer a matter of large volumes of the male audience. The fact is that Bahrain is a country of cars, it is almost impossible to travel around it by public transport or taxi.

Accordingly, almost all of your audience are drivers, and prostatitis is the most common ailment for those who like to drive. Offers from prostatitis are more than in demand, we recommend testing them!

The last relevant category of offers is remedies for cystitis. Popularity is due to the lack of imported products on the shelves, the role of a woman as a mother, as well as garbage and unsanitary conditions - locals are not too worried about environmental or hygiene problems.

As the experience of our partners shows, remedies for cystitis in Arab countries are more than in demand - we recommend testing!  

Among Everad nutra offers, there is an excellent offer that has proven itself in three niches at once:

Remedy for improving male libido

Payouts: up to $37, approve: ≈41%
TA: men 40-70
Traffic sources: facebook, natives
Working Approaches: Specialist Blog, News Article

Man’s health

Payouts: up to $42, approve: ≈44%
TA: men 40-70
Traffic sources: facebook, natives
Working approaches: personal blog, medical blog, interview with an expert

Women Health

Payouts: up to $40, approve: ≈51%
TA: women 40-70
Traffic sources: facebook, native
Working approaches: interview with an expert, news article

ATTENTION! On geo Bahrain, Everad does not accept adult traffic and does not accept advertising with famous doctors and celebrities. Any violation of the rules will result in a fine.

How to run traffic?

Prohibitions and negativity

Before you start developing funnel, we recommend that you take a look at a few important prohibitions:

  • Criticism of the authorities. The Internet in Bahrain is under censorship, it is checked, among other things, for criticism of the authorities. You should not use such approaches, the site will quickly be found and deleted;
  • 18+. The distribution of erotic content is also prohibited, but in general, we advise you to go further and refuse fragments with a naked body. Let them not block you for such promotional materials, but a naked body will go against the moral convictions of the audience;
  • Other Rules of Islam. The Islamic audience is very demanding on morality and restraint - and therefore, it is worth abandoning unnecessary emotions and screaming headlines in promotional materials.

If your goal is to reach a wide audience, then use English, but be prepared for traffic from migrants. If you need to inspire more confidence in a rich audience, use Arabic.

Strategy: creatives, sources, landing pages

Now, it's time to deal with the strategy - take a look at the different elements of the funnel:

  • Sources. You can stream from FB or Google, most of the population of Bahrain spends time on these sites. Also, you can search for local advertising networks;
  • Targeting. Depending on the category of offer, but in general, it is worth taking a vector for a male audience of 30+ in large cities;
  • Offers. The most relevant categories are cystitis, potency and prostatitis, we recommend testing them. For current offers, write to the manager of Everad;
  • Creatives. Take a vector for a calm and informative narrative without aggression and unnecessary demonstrations of problems. Personalize promotional materials for the local audience, but be careful with the selection of Arab characters, because if the audience recognizes a famous person, it may offend them;

Landing pages. Similar to creatives, avoid harsh approaches and annoying elements. For Arabs, a pop-up discount is not as important as detailed information about a product.

First of all, take into account the craving for informativeness among the Arabs – use minimalistic promotional materials with reliable and complete information about the product and results. Shorten the sales funnel and do not forget about the laws.


  • Difficulty is medium, competition and traffic prices are kept at an acceptable level. It is hardly suitable for a beginner, but in general, Bahrain has everything for a profitable launch;
  • The general opinion is that it’s a good GEO for an affiliate, with a solvent audience and real problems that can be solved with nutra-offers;
  • About the audience. Not as sensitive to the observance of Islam as many other Arabs. There is a large stratum of migrants, it is worth considering this;
  • Important aspects. It is worth deepening the knowledge of local specifics – they will help to more accurately understand the mood of the audience and not offend the audience with aggressive approaches.
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First of all, take into account the craving for informativeness among the Arabs – use minimalistic promotional materials with reliable and complete information about the product and results. Shorten the sales funnel and do not forget about the laws.

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