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Which traffic converts the best?

Any live "non-topic" traffic shows great results of conversion and has quite competitive CPM, both on JS and on Direct Link monetization. Also you can easily customize as Direct Link , as well as place JS code on your site according to your audience.
Accepted OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android
Accepted Browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Mozilla, Safari

What do we pay for?

The payment is made in 2 ways:

  • CPA - Cost per action - payment is made for the subscription of users to push-notifications
  • RevShare - Payment is made for clicking on push-notifications after the subscription, until the user unsubscribes.

How much can be earned on thousand subscribers?

There is a section on the main page – Cost per Lead, where you can see how much money you will earn using CPA model for each thousand leads.
For Example: You sent 10.000 Desktop users from Norway and got 1000 subscriptions. Your income for CPL model will be 116.30$.

By the model revshare * you collect the database of subscribers to push notifications where you get 80% of the cost-per click payment for each click, on which advertisers buy traffic in our friendly net

*In general, for RevShare monetization you should be oriented on CPA rates. There is a section EP Rates on our website, which will help you to know the approximate income for one year.

On average, the user brings the same money from CPA tariff for 50 days, and after payback, it goes to your wallet. This period may be reduced depending on the traffic quality. The record of Badboys partners is 20 days. Accordingly, after he got back the money for the leads by CPA rate, then the net profit remains.

Who do Badboys work with?

  • Owners of Web-Sites (Webmasters)
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Traffic Sources
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Doorway Pages

How to start to send traffic to

You can send traffic both to the landings and to JS code by setting it on your site with a subscription form.

  • Step 1. Complete the registration process
  • Step 2. Go to the section “My sites”
  • Step 3. Add your site ( if you plan to use JS code monetization, choose the method of monetization, and confirm your domain. Everything is ready. Take your code and put it on the site (for more info see FAQ), done!

In the case of Direct Link format, you do not need to confirm your site.

You just choose the landing that you like and send traffic on it.

To do this, you need to go to the section ”My sites” and pick up your Direct Link on the necessary site, by clicking on the Statistics. You can take the JS code in the same way, if you have confirmed your website.


Examples of Monetization:


Here is one of the examples of Badboys landings, where, first opens 18+ JavaScript, after which a user will be offered to subscribe to Push Notifications.

Where do Badboys push traffic from?

They don't limit the partners in the methods of getting traffic. The main thing is that the traffic should be obtained legally and not be spam! (It’s strictly forbidden to push traffic from the hacked sites, spam of social networks, email).

In total, the sources of traffic can be divided into the following channels:

Contextual Advertising – it is suitable if you can get cheap traffic by “junk” search queries with the cheap price for the click – watch videos, jokes, and cars.

This is one of the best channels  both in volume of the received traffic and in quality.

Popunder/ClickUnder – network has ready direct links (landings). You push traffic on them by purchasing it in Popunder Networks (Popunder traffic exchanges) and pushing them on their landings.

Undoubted advantage of this method is that you are practically not limited in the traffic volumes and you can also target them.

Teaser traffic (Native) - Tempting teasers - watch videos, forbidden videos, download on our landings

Websites - you simply place the JS code on your site with a subscription form or a clicker / banner and push traffic to our landings.

Key advantages:

WorldWide offer with a simple flow

Several working models:

  • CPA - Cost per action, the payment for each involved push
  • RevShare - Collect the database of users and earn revenue for each click of your users
  • PostBack - Tracking the conversion and creating Black / White Sheets

Completely legal format with the ability to customize landings and js code specifically for your traffic content.

How much can website owners earn * using JS codes?

How much can an affiliate marketer earn using Badboys Landings (Direct Link)?


*Important - this is the average figures by the system. Here you can find adult cj (where the user sees your advertisement after 10 redirects), mediabuyers, who buy traffic in the Popunder nets, and site owners.

The more qualified traffic the higher figures you get.

SE (Search) traffic has the best conversion rates.

Here is the current TOP of the countries for work.


If you still have additional questions, please contact:
Mail: [email protected]
Telegram Support: @badboys_network
Affiliate Chat:


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Hey, my name is Uliana, I am here to provide you with the top affiliate content, starting from Facebook arbitrage to Push traffic. Ask me anything: [email protected]

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