Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2021

Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2021

Let’s appreciate the fact that 2020 is officially over! Does anyone miss that year? We don’t think so. There’s actually one thing that became better through the last 12 months and that is of course affiliate marketing. We were forced to stay indoors, many of us had to look for a new job and we started spending online more than ever before. Digital reality is something so earthbound now that the line between it and the offline world almost blurs. But let’s talk about the trends for 2021. Is there anything that you should consider while planning your strategy for the next few months? We ensure you, it is. Let’s see! 

Affiliate marketing trends and changes for 2021

There’s still a huge question to answer: Is affiliate marketing still worth it? Sure it is! According to Business Insider, since 2015, there was approximately 10% increase in revenues from affiliate programs per year. Forecasts indicate that this impressive trend will continue until at least 2021 and it is certain that the market will continue to grow. So how to earn the most you can? Let’s check our short summary of the hottest affiliate marketing trends for 2021. 

Voice Search

Do you know Siri or Alexa? I bet you do. The New Year 2021 is all about the Voice Search and although we all know how to use it, marketing affiliation hasn’t been interested in it up until now. We’re still not sure why, but you have to know that it provides a lot of possibilities. Voice search is much more detailed than a standard Google search. Keep that in mind while creating your content. Our advice? Precisely prepared questions and specially prepared answers (e.g. “Where to go on vacation in 2021?” “Orlando, Palm Springs, LA” - keep it simple). It has to be the fastest way to get information. 

Automatization of marketing processes

Would you like to earn while sleeping? Silly question, huh? Be sure to take an interest in automating the advertising process. There are thousands of campaigns, a huge amount of traffic sources, an infinite amount of advertising opportunities and you, having only 24 hours in a day. What could help you? Auto-optimization. Try using the online tools to facilitate and significantly speed up your activities. 

E-commerce? Better than ever 

There’s nothing very special about the saying that Covid-19 has changed the way we live. There were already billions of people doing online shopping back in the days but as for now, we should expect even more. E-commerce is growing so fast that there’s no way you could miss this trend. It is estimated that in 2021 there would be over 2.14 billion digital shoppers all around the world. You cannot miss that opportunity. What we suggest is to choose some new campaigns to promote. Why don’t you check MyLead’s offer? More than 2000 positions waiting for you to choose from.

Micro-influencer Marketing 

Is there anyone who has never bought anything suggested by an influencer? You want it or not, but influencer marketing is still one of the best strategies to reach your clients. Unfortunately, this business can be quite expensive, so that we suggest you better be interested in micro-influencer marketing. A micro-influencer is a person who isn’t actually the most popular of all but his/her audience is really involved. The prefix “micro” refers to the size of the profile in social media obviously, and it is mainly about numbers like… well. Different sources say something different, but the most common reference is people with up to 10 000 followers, although sometimes “just” a thousand is enough. Since the influencers enjoy an authority among the niche they rub shoulders with, people tend to believe them “more”. Of course, reaching to top influencers would be a great idea as well.


Time is flying by and you have to adjust your activities accordingly to the season. In this year it would be very important to stay up to date. There’s a spring on the horizon? Change. Holidays? Change. You can also think about the biggest holidays like Easter or Christmas. Any occasion would be good. You have no idea what to think about? Find out about the marketing calendar. It’ll save you!  

Video Content

Video ads are one of the most engaging ones. According to Wyzowl, over 72% of people prefer this form when it comes to obtaining information about their favourite products. Moreover, users who watch video ads are more likely to remember all kinds of CTAs than those who only read. The power of video content is amazing! 


If you’re wondering how to earn money on Facebook Dating or which came first - egg or chicken, the answer may be already waiting for you at Quora. It is a place where you will find answers to all your questions, even, or maybe especially, if no one has ever answered them. What’s also worth noting, you can find there the answers to the questions that cannot be found anywhere else - this should be the most valuable information right now. Quora is a mine of new article ideas where you get your question and answer in one place. What else do you need? 

Moreover, it’s also a new option to reach hundreds if not thousands of people. Affiliate links are not acceptable, however, you can redirect your audience to a blog post that contains such links. If you’re looking for an idea for a new traffic source, Quora is there for you.

The positive vibe for the New Beginning

We’re not sure if it’s because the depression states caused by 2020 but positive content would be the key in the next few months. Body positivity, contribution to society or sustainability would be the topics that brands may support even more. If you want to be successful, focus on content that is nice, eco-friendly and full of optimism. From the perspective of a pandemic world, it seems to be the best to choose.

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