Affbank Awards winner interview: TORO Advertising

Affbank Awards winner interview: TORO Advertising

Top changes in numbers during the last year.  

The big changes were a result of the lockdown and the #stayhome movement. Entertainment traffic verticals such as streaming and gaming, have always been strong verticals for our affiliates, but they grew exponentially during lockdown with greatly increased demand from consumers. Demand for Travel and Sport (not eSport) verticals pretty much disappeared during lockdown.

How did you manage coronavirus crisis?

Fortunately, along with our partners (advertisers and affiliates), we have all been able to work from home, so our business has not been impacted. However, even though our environment is digital, it is undeniable that the economy is suffering and certain verticals have been seriously affected, such as Fintech for personal loans. During this crisis, we have focused on verticals that have growth potential during the crisis such as adding more e-commerce and e-learning offers to name a couple.

The biggest challenges you faced this year.

One of the strongest verticals for us is Fintech, however budgets for this vertical suffered, also surveys made changes in their roadmaps, cutting GEOs and budgets. We had to redouble efforts with other campaigns and verticals, taking advantage of the rise in demand for streaming and dating. Luckily the affiliate marketing industry is always reinventing itself and offering endless opportunities.

What are the trends for this summer in your opinion?

In terms of traffic types, push and native will continue bringing great results, but requiring total commitment and dedication from affiliates on a daily basis and based on trends.

If we speak about verticals, times are uncertain, but Streaming (VoD, Gaming), Dating, Antivirus and VPNs continue to be strong.

If you could give affiliates from all over the world one piece of advice what would that advice be?

Quality, whitehat and diversify. Now more than ever quality becomes really important, transparency is key. Stay focused on whitehat verticals. Diversify, do not stick with only one traffic type.

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