Affbank Awards winner interview: Affise

Affbank Awards winner interview: Affise

Top-3 changes in numbers during the last year

For Affise the year 2019 was marked by a significant mission to solve critical problems that fall under the three pillars of the performance marketing industry: in-depth and predictive analytics, the speed of decision-making and automation of all operational aspects. Following this mission, we released 47 features that help our clients handle and analyze big data, visualize their performance and automate manual and routine tasks. We processed 11.6 trillion clicks via Affise platform in 2019, can you imagine how huge it is? The ability to process that number of data is rooted in the newest technologies we implement into the platform and has always been one of our USPs. Therefore, Affise innovative technological solutions are yearly recognized with industry awards, which was 5 in 2019, including Best Tracker by Affbank.

How do you manage the coronavirus crisis?

The coronavirus crisis affects all the aspects of our lives as well as every industry. Affiliate marketing isn’t an exception. However, when some niches are in a recession, others are flourishing. Thus, we try to bring value to our clients by analyzing how different verticals convert over this time. It helps our clients to be up to date with the industry trends and adjust their strategies accordingly. We constantly keep in touch with our clients and support them in any issue they may have and help them to survive this unprecedented time.

Besides, our pay-per-conversion pricing strategy has never brought more value into the affiliate marketing channel than now. The number of Internet users has now increased, but it doesn’t mean that they started to buy more. Tons of clicks do not bring much profit to the merchants, so the price for an affiliate platform may skyrocket without bringing in any sales. Affise’s pricing policy, instead, allows you to make performance marketing the ultimate ROI channel.

The biggest challenges you faced this year

The biggest challenge of this year is to turn “coronavirus challenge” into the opportunity to grow the performance marketing channel. What I mean is that with the rise of CPA campaigns, performance marketing can become an excellent place for merchants to scale during this time and turn partnerships into real profits. Now we have technology that helps marketers easily grow the number and quality of their performance-based partners. Thus, it’s our goal now to give advertisers a try and prove performance marketing one of the most efficient channels.

What are the trends for this summer in your opinion?

Gaming, mobile, gambling, sweepstakes will continue to grow this summer, I suppose. We’ve also seen the rise in online education vertical recently, and it will keep the position provided we’ll stay quarantined for longer. 

Talking from a longer perspective, I genuinely hope to see the adaptation and implementation of innovative technologies into the travel vertical. We already witness the development of virtual reality in some segments of the worldwide digital market. Implemented into travel projects, VR could allow us to “visit” some places and probably even whole cities without the need to cross the borders and travel to it. Imagine how awesome that would be!

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