A Review of Yeezypay: A Service That Helps To End Bans In Google Ads

A Review of Yeezypay: A Service That Helps To End Bans In Google Ads

YeezyPay is a service that every affiliate who sends traffic through Google Ads should know about. YeezyPay provides access to trusted agency accounts, which significantly reduce the risks of getting banned by Google Ads and help to bypass restrictions when launching advertising campaigns.

When affiliate marketers start using Google Ads for the first time, they often face various challenges, such as account bans, strict advertising policies, and problems with payments. These difficulties can lead them to consider abandoning Google Ads, which is a very good source of traffic, and opting to explore other platforms like Facebook or TikTok Ads.

To understand how YeezyPay can help solve these issues, let's take a closer look at its main advantages.

Main advantages

Initially, YeezyPay was launched as a payment service to assist affiliate marketers in adding funds to their advertising accounts across various networks.

The YeezyPay team didn't stop there; they went even further by expanding their services, providing access to Google Ads agency accounts, and offering support to clients in setting up and optimizing ad campaigns.

Both individual affiliates and entire affiliate marketing teams actively use the service, and here's why they appreciate it:

  • Quick start: YeezyPay offers agency accounts with a high level of trust and an extended expense limit, ready for immediate use. Advertisers simply need to register, top up their accounts, and they can dive into work.
  • VAT exemption: The agency accounts provided by the service are registered in jurisdictions that allow you to avoid taxes on Google Ads payments. Affiliates can save up to 20% of their budget on this.
  • Low entry threshold: To begin, all you need is a deposit of just $200. This is notably lower than the usual competitors' minimum deposit, which tends to be around $500.
  • Refund option: If the account used for running advertisements gets banned, you have the option to withdraw the remaining funds using any convenient method.
  • Customer support: Account managers are available 24/7 to answer any questions and assist with account settings and optimization.
  • Unlimited accounts: You can create as many accounts as needed to cover niches of interest with no restrictions. However, you need to pay close attention to the accounts to ensure you don’t promote content that may result in frequent bans.

This fundamental functionality, coupled with favorable conditions, enables affiliates to avoid wasting time trying to manually bypass restrictions and instead concentrate on testing and scaling ad campaigns. 

This can help affiliate marketers achieve an increase in the ROI of the advertising campaigns by 30-40% on average.

How to get started with YeezyPay?

There's a reason why YeezyPay is renowned for its simplicity and transparency. The registration process is quick and intuitive, guided by prompts every step of the way. Let's walk through the process together, from registering to topping up your YeezyPay advertising account.

1. Visit the YeezyPay website, scroll to the bottom, and click the "Sign Up Now!" button.

2. After clicking, you'll be directed to Telegram. Make sure you have a functional Telegram account beforehand.

3. Once in the Telegram bot, click "Send Message" to initiate communication.

4. Use the "/start" command to receive a link granting access to your personal YeezyPay account.

5. You can customize your personal account. You can enable two-factor authentication for a higher level of security, customize the appearance, and track active sessions.

6. The next big step is to fund your account. Select a convenient payment method and make a deposit.

7. After a successful deposit, you can start creating your Google Ads account.

8. Choose the amount you wish to transfer to your newly created Google Ads account (minimum $200) and click "Add." If the transaction is successful, an activation link will be sent to your email address.

That's all! At this point, your Google Ads agency account is ready to go. If you're new to the platform, consider using the services of a support manager. They are available to provide personalized assistance at every stage of setting up your advertising campaign.

YeezyPay agency accounts have gone through the strict Google Ads verification process. Thanks to this, affiliate marketers can save hours, which can be better spent preparing offers and optimizing advertising campaigns.

What happens when don’t use YeezyPay?

Some affiliates attempt to work directly with Google Ads without intermediaries. Some do so due to a lack of experience, while others simply do it out of habit. However, sooner or later, everyone becomes convinced that using the YeezyPay service makes it significantly easier to generate traffic. 

To prove this, let's look at the challenges that affiliates encounter when working with Google Ads directly:

Restrictions on payment methods: The first problems arise at the stage of funding the advertising account - cards must have a BIN (Bank Identification Number) of foreign trusted banks, correspond to a certain geo, and pass verification. If the moderator doubts the trustworthiness of the payment, the campaign may be suspended for an indefinite period.

Account bans and restrictions: Google Ads employs a self-learning AI to monitor Google Ads accounts. The AI consistently identifies any minor issues in ad accounts and flags them as non-compliant with Google Ads advertising standards. This frequently occurs with newly created accounts that have a low level of trust. Because of frequent bans, affiliates are required to invest substantial amounts in account-related matters and are constantly seeking new methods to bypass moderation, instead of scaling their campaigns.

Prohibited geos: Google marks many geos as unreliable, greatly restricting targeting capabilities. Running traffic to specific verticals and targeting certain audiences becomes nearly impossible when the desired audience is within the list of prohibited geos.

Complex setup process: To manually set up an account, you must consider very many parameters which take time and can significantly impact the success of affiliates in various aspects, such as time delays and other factors. The process is continually becoming more complex, demanding increasing time and effort.

This is not a complete list of problems faced by affiliates and teams who decide to work directly with Google Ads. Additionally, Google Ads does not offer assistance in setting up accounts, leaving every affiliate to operate at their own risk.


As you can see, setting up Google Ads accounts manually is not an easy task. You not only need to stay informed about the latest updates to the site’s requirements but also must have an entire infrastructure of services, resources, and a large budget. This is often beyond the means of many affiliate teams, not to mention solo affiliates.

YeezyPay solves most of the problems associated with gaining access to trusted agency accounts, making the process of driving traffic through Google Ads simple and convenient. With YeezyPay, Google Ads ceases to be a complicated traffic source and instead brings in high conversions and excellent opportunities for scaling ad campaigns.

To start experiencing the benefits of Google Ads with YeezyPay, all you need is a functional Telegram account, an email, a minimum deposit of $200, and just 15 minutes to complete the registration process.

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