You have missed $350.000 this summer

You have missed $350.000 this summer

$350.000 on HYPE. How you could have earned during 2018 FIFA World Cup?


Make money on WORLDCUP 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 – it is that kind of event, which give us tons of emotions, meets, friends, and money, of course, if you know how to earn.

Today we will talk about how much and how exactly you could havr earned on hype around this event.


Make money on WORLDCUP 2018



For the first 5 hours of running my campaign: ROI 300%, profit 2000$

Earned for all time:  $350.000


Make money on WORLDCUP 2018

Make money on WORLDCUP 2018



This question is the base of having the profit.

For example, as for betting campaigns we worked with Mostbet ( )

So after some time running, we discovered the conversion rate has decreased significantly, while we know exactly that the quality of traffic was consistently high. To figure it out, we reached our Advertiser.

They sorted it out very fast after one test:  the traffic volume was so high, that our Advertiser (Mostbet) connected the CloudFlare tool to reduce the risk of Competitors DoS – attacks. As a result, the user who was going to make a bet, was waiting for the loading of the page around 40-45 seconds behind the screen (in both version: in application and desktop). And of course he left the page.

We closely communicated with Mostbet Team, and proved them the quality of the traffic and our own level.

What we had as a result:

1. Isolated domains (200-300 domains)

2. For all isolated domains the CloudFlare was disconnected.

After  12 days have passed, the conversion rate was stabilized at 9%

For the conclusion: negociation and constant work with the Advertiser – it is a must thing for a hype time as well as for the everyday work.



First of all, we use pushes in mobile applications.

Make money on WORLDCUP 2018

Every day there was a new football match. And every day we could send news, coefficients, capper schemes and more and more.

The day of the most interesting game we used push notifications, and the traffic grew by 20-25%.

Pushes – it is a good way to improve the traffic quality.

And when the traffic is HQ – it is increase in rates, better conditions from the Advertiser and more bonuses. ;)




Make money on WORLDCUP 2018


While you are working with betting or gambling offers, how you think the search request works?

More likely the player will find you requesting a new “casino’s mirror” and not just because he want to play or make a bet. In our case the “casino’s mirror” request will never convert. What we will do?

We place few offers  in the tracker by the flow. The first flow has the most interesting EPC rate for us.

The last flow – is the most uninteresting one. We set up the filter on the flow - uniqueness.

In this way, the user  who came to our product will  rolls down these streams lower and lower.

But we still have the probability that the conversion will happen (if we had 1 product, this conversion probably never happen).

We have been using this approach for more than a year – we got with it 15-20% more profit in the end.

Here is very important that you couldn’t wring your context traffic - User entry point breaks.




Make money on WORLDCUP 2018


When you are working with “black” or “grey” apps, you may probably know that they ban often this kind of apps. However, you still have cards to play – your base of pushes. If even the apps is banner, and the traffic starts to flow away – you always can forward it to the new app via push notification, even this is gambling app, not only betting.

With the help of such tools we can collect our own base of sources and send traffic to the right direction.





Make money on WORLDCUP 2018


The main rule: create the Team, consisting only Searchers and Media Buyers- it is a really bad idea. In any way you will limit yourself –it could be the constant searching process without scaling OR you won’t get new traffic sources.

It’s very important to have in your Team chaotic creative Affiliates and Media Buyers who could build a structured work of all system.

Hire these 2 types of employees , describe your  business processes, and build the strict system of Media Buying.


Offer from the Article, provided by our Partners AlfaLeads




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