E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing

E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing

You decided to open online-shop or to run e-com campaign? I understand the rush about E-commerce market, of course from the profit is much higher from the point of money and energy. According to Statista the e-com worldwide sales in the 2017 were 2290 and that is only the beginning, to the end of 2018 it is expected to be 2774 billion US dollar. Thus, global worldwide sales are planning to growth to 20% more, huge number, yes?

Thus, this type of business is the most popular nowadays, it has it is own pros and cons and we will consider all of them.

So, we understand that the business is quiet promising, so let’s go to the channels of e-commerce business. We will divide them by the types of promotion and the types of goods.

Types of business:

- Online merchant shop. The owner has it is own store and all purchases are coming straight to him\her and no need to pay commission to anybody.

- Aggregator shop. Such shops aggregate the goods from all over the world and sell it with commission for himself. Amazon, for example, is both a merchant and a marketplace.

- Partner program. When Merchant gave affiliate offer for promotion under certain conditions.

Types of goods:

- White goods – any good without promising of elusive effect.

- Gray goods (wow goods) – such products tempt you with unbelievable effect. For example, the coffee you want to buy, described as magic drink that help you to lose the weigh in two days and become a TV star. Such goods are cheating and use of such method of promotion with deal a lot of problems for you.


E-commerce partner programs.

If you decided to start promoting the offers from the e-com niche, you must understand that each merchant has it is own understanding of «qualified sale». But lets have a look on Amazon example and step-by-step will go to the offers.

The expression "qualified sale" (or its equivalent word, "qualified purchase") is critical in the associate promoting setting in light of the fact that the advertiser (the web merchant) characterizes ahead of time what comprises a qualified sale. When an affiliate agrees to promote the merchant’s products, that affiliate is accepting the merchant’s definition of a “qualified sale.”

Here are examples of what might define a qualified purchase.

  • The customer clicks a specific affiliate link.
  • The product purchased must be added to the shopping cart during a single session following the click.
  • The customer must pay for and receive the product purchased.
  • The customer does not return the product.


You have to discuss the conditions of the payment before you will start run the offer. Here is the list of trusted affiliate programs:



What do you need to know before using affiliate e-com programs?


- Holds. Merchant have to check the traffic (purchase) you send and then pay. Holds usually takes not more than 60 days, what is absolutely normal.

- Returns is about 40% per market, what is quite a large percentage. What is returns? The product might have been broken during the shipping or it is not connected with the description or picture, long shipping, size wrong.

- E-commerce is a highly competitive niche

You can find amazing e-com offers on Affbank.



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