6 Really Working Strategies to Monetize Your Blog

6 Really Working Strategies to Monetize Your Blog

Everyone who has started blogging and has already gained 500-600 visitors per day, have every right to start converting visitors into money. The only problem that will arise quite soon, is that you should do something else except monetising, it is obviously making posts, doing researches, talking to other people and many others time and energy consuming activities.

How to combine it all with a daily routine - read in our article to learn.

A little tip. Set up a goal. You will never find a road if you don’t know where you go, it means that you should understand what you want to have in result. It can be bigger traffic, increasing of subscribers or clicks. What is more, try to use simple methods - why get nervous when you can achieve the same results with less efforts.

Money-making blog is a matter of time (and patience), hard work, aright chosen strategy and … a stroke of luck. Last one seems to be the most tricky, but you may have big traffic amount, but low clicks as people may come to read your own materials and study all other matters at another resources.
Most of online advertising companies provides quality services for advertiser and publisher to monetize your business.

6 tips that will work to monetise your blog

1. Participation in affiliate networks.
One couldn’t create lazier way of making money if you have already gained a decent amount of traffic. Partner from affiliates will pay you every time their links will be clicked from your blog.

2. Contextual advertising.
The logic is quite simple here: the advertisers post their ads on a specially allotted for them, and the user will see those ones that correspond to his or her interests only. This solution is recommended for blogs with high click level.

3. Share your experience.
If you are a good make-up artist, excellent decorator or anything of the kind - why not to share your knowledge with people? It may be a video manual with workshops, books, online classes or meetups.

4. Implementation of sponsored content.
In general terms, it may look the following way: you are a fan of Minecraft and in your blog you share tips and hints of the game. As the area is quite profitable, the company will certainly feel interest in you and will ask to make a review about new add-on or feature. It is the strategy where both parties win: you get your money while the advertiser is highlighted.

5. Direct advertising.
This option will suit those who have traffic not less than 500-700 visitors. Its sense is that you will not have to share your income with different kinds of mediators as you’ll discuss cooperation with the advertiser directly. Blogs with a specific topics or news portals often participate in it. The problem you may face here is that the areas of your resource and ads may be too different and a user will skip them without noticing, that means no money for you.

6. Programmatic approach.
Imagine you are a chairman, or woman, at the auction. And all the lots are ads that will be placed on your blog. An advertiser that offers the highest price will publish his ad. The beauty of this method is that they are posted according to specific criteria, for example, location, so the publishers with their good or services location near you will be bidding.

Which method did you like and why?


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