6 Advertising Tips for Small Business

6 Advertising Tips for Small Business

Nowadays marketing is not the same we used to know 7 or 10 years ago. Advent of the Internet is a major reason of it, thus we have a shift to digital advertising from a traditional one. Some marketers have already comfortable with the situation, but when it comes to advertising, specialists from big and small companies are not a one-off in the questions like “What is the best time of launching the campaign? How should I do it and whom to apply?”.

In our today’s article we have collected a real-life experience for those who have faced similar problems and want improve your business at the lowest cost.

Tip 1. Think how improve your sales, brand awareness will come later

Big holdings can first work on image, while small companies had better work on stable flow of customers. It can be achieved with the help of so-called “push marketing”: discount coupons, sales, buy 2 get 1 free, loyalty cards etc.

Tip 2. General approaches are really working

We cannot but admit, there can’t be one strategy covering all marketing aspects. But some common approaches are also true, especially about marketing channels. People may shift from online world to offline and it is important for you to accompany your customer at both places.

For online you may use your company’s website, a group in social media, email marketing, surveys etc.

Advertising platform is good way to monetize website and become popular among publisher and advertisers. Launch your advertising company with Smartmedia.network - leader in RTB advertising and performance based marketing.

For interaction in real life you may take ads in newspapers and magazines, participation in social events, leaflets.

Tip 3. Create or lick into shape your website

If a person wants to know more about your company, he or she will undoubtedly google you. Your absence in the Internet will cost you a lot. Obviously, your website helps potential customers to make certain impression about you. There should be a diligent work performed on the website being pleasant to look at, user-friendly and, what is more, being helpful, useful and informative. Of course, don’t forget about mobile version!

Tip 4. Don’t hesitate to use social media to the maximum

Don’t be too puzzled with posts in social media. Take it easy and mark your location in Pinterest for the people near you to be the first one to see your post; add hashtag with location or type of your product, i.e. #handmadejewellery or #manhattan, in your message on Instagram or Facebook, to attract people who are searching this type of information. Combine several platforms to catch as more people as possible.

Tip 5. Save your money - use programmatic approach

Here you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone: your ads will be displayed to only those people who are quite likely to get interested. As the ads are shown on the principle of an auction, you will get control how much you money you are ready to spend on advertising.

Tip 6. Draw conclusions

Those who say that advertising is waste of money seem not have checked why it turned out to be so. Users of RTB platforms always have an access to statistics for them to analyze which ads didn’t strike and according to it corrections can be made.

Offline campaigns success can be estimated in 3 moments: situation before ad campaign and any ad activity, situation where the campaign was on the go and the condition after closing.

Have you tried anything from the list? Write us about your experience!

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