360% ROI on Play Regal offer in France from Adsterra

360% ROI on Play Regal offer in France from Adsterra

This case study was prepared by KJ Rocker, an affiliate marketing coach.

He’s got some interesting insights on how he made amazing profit with an iGaming offer from Yellana, don’t miss it! 

Offer name: Play Regal CPL SO
KPI: active users
CAP: 25-30 leads a day
Traffic Source: Adsterra
CPA network: Yellana
Landing page: Direct linking

Offer overview

Before diving into the case itself, let’s take a look at the offer that brought KJ Rocker profits.

Play Regal is a multilingual online casino that was established in 2021. This new company offers a library of about a thousand games, including well-liked live casino games. 

In order to get access to this platform, users can download a mobile app, but it is also accessible by registering via desktop, laptop or tablet devices.

Play Regal uses top-tier online gaming software providers to power their casino games, including Booongo, iSoftBet, Playson, Betsoft, Evolution Gaming, Booming Games, and Vivo Gaming. 

Members of Play Regal benefit from a fair gaming environment that is ensured by a random number generator (RNG) that is cryptographically secure, has been shown to produce consistently random results, and is routinely audited by internationally renowned auditors in the online and brick-and-mortar casino industries.


Hey there, digital mavens! Today I want to share with you how I partnered with Yellana and made an unexpectedly high profit with the offer they provided for me and traffic from the Adsterra ad network.

Let me be clear up front: when I started this campaign, I didn't anticipate a ROI of 360%. In fact, I forgot to look at the statistics because I believed the campaign would  provide moderate but stable results with In-page push traffic I chose to work with.

Boy, I was so wrong. Additionally, I waited for the conversion to exit the waiting period so I could include any rejected leads in the findings, but fortunately, the campaign had no rejections.


I chose to partner with Adsterra for this campaign since they have a lot of traffic for iGaming offers. 

Adsterra is renowned for its distinctive advertising skins for In-page push and Social Bar ad formats, which draw higher CTRs than those of any other advertising network and enhance the audience appeal of your creatives.

I first clicked "Create a campaign" on Adsterra to start a campaign. As you can see in the screenshot below, I then selected "Mainstream" as the traffic type, chose “All traffic” in the “Connection type” section, and gave the link to my landing page.

You can see in the screenshot below that I selected France as a country with a $2 CPA pricing (be sure to click "Add" after selecting a country). Also, I chose “In-page push” and “Social Bar”  skin with the Facebook creative style.

The following action is to decide on your budget right away. I maintained the budget at $50 since I advise against spending more than that. 

If you want the campaign to begin right away after it has been approved, select the "Start" option under the "After verification" settings. In my situation, I kept it inactive so I could launch the campaign on my own after it was approved.

I left the targeting options in their default settings because I wanted to keep my campaign as broad as possible.

With frequency capping at 1 impression every 24 days, I intend to always keep it at its maximum so I can show advertising to a wider variety of folks rather than the same few. This may lower the volume, but it also helps to raise conversion rates. I also set my test budget at $50.

Once everything is set up, the only thing left to do is to launch the offer and watch for the results!

Creatives choice

There basically was just one creative sample and a landing page that I decided to start with. 

Below you can see the creatives that I used.

Since I don't speak French well, after seeing how well they performed, I decided against trying any more creatives. This is why I chose to continue using them rather than making new ones, so that I can concentrate on optimization later.

Targeting and optimizing

As for the targeting side of the campaign, I started with various operating systems, including Android, Mac OS and Windows. 

From my earlier tests, Android 10.0 had shown the highest success rate. Therefore, I decided to target only this version and other profitable ones, and stopped focusing on those that didn't yield results.

Also, I saw that most people visited us using the Chrome web browser. Accordingly, I decided to focus on newer versions of Chrome, starting from 111. This choice worked out well for the rest of the day.

Surprisingly, switching off particular operating systems and browsers was everything I needed to do to optimize my campaign, the match between offer and traffic was so good I didn’t even have to work on anything else!

Results analysis: weekly and daily stats

I've analyzed my statistics for this campaign depending on weekdays and hours, and here are the results.

Analysis of the weekdays:

  • The day with the most clicks for the campaign was Wednesday (940), followed by Sunday (859) and Friday (925);
  • Additionally, Wednesdays had the most conversions (19), while Mondays had the fewest conversions (1);
  • On different days of the week, the conversion rate fluctuated, with Monday having the lowest rate (0.83%) and Thursday having the highest rate (1.5%).

Hourly Analysis:

  • The campaign saw the most clicks at 9 AM (451), followed by 10 AM (532), and 11 AM (463);
  • The 1 PM time frame had the highest conversion rate (3.73%), with the most conversions (10);
  • The conversion rate fluctuated throughout the day, with the lowest conversion rate (1.98%) occurring at 1 AM and the highest conversion rate (3.73%) occurring at 1 PM.

P.S. Please be aware that weekly and hourly analysis could not be entirely accurate owing to financial constraints.


Here are the key takeaways from the advertising campaign I launched!

  1. The campaign resulted in 94 conversions and 4585 clicks.
  2. The overall conversion rate was a respectable 2.05%.
  3. The best days in terms of clicks and conversions were Wednesdays and Sundays.
  4. The highest click volume was produced in the 9th and 10th hours of the day, and the highest conversion rate was in the 13th hour.
  5. Total revenue resulted in $1316.
  6. The amount of money spent on advertising was $286.10.
  7. Total profit was $1029.9.

Pay attention to these stats as my payouts were 14 USD per lead: Yellana offers personal rates for every webmaster who brings high quality traffic!


All in all, KJ Rocker was astonished by the results our teamwork brought to him. We hope that his example will drive you to make huge profits with Yellana and Adsterra too!

Want to test out this offer as well? No problems, click here!

Register in Adsterra to get profitable traffic not only for iGaming offers.

Haven’t you ever worked with Yellana? Register as an affiliate by pressing the button below and choose among hundreds of offers for every taste!

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