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TORO is a digital solution provider that helps advertisers grow sales while increasing revenue for publishers

TORO offers Affiliates and Publishers:

  • Exclusive tools with custom scripts for any ad format that you need
  • Highest payouts in the market for premium advertisers
  • On-time payments through common methods such as PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, Skrill, and ePayment.
  • Dedicated suppport of account managers that speak French, English, and Spanish

For Advertisers and Agencies, TORO offers:

  • Advanced targeting to reach the right audience based on their language, device, country, browser, OS, and carrier.
  • Algorithmic and manual real-time campaign optimization that is run by Account Managers.
  • Risk-free pricing models: CPI, CPA, CPS, and CPL
  • Multiple anti-fraud detection mechanisms

You can check TOROAdvertising reviews on Affbank and ask TOROAdvertising Team any question by using the contacts above, especially about how to earn money!


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