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Tanx is an Ad Exchange Platform that promotes real-time auction market exchanges from all around China. The platform has been one of the most influential Ad Exchanges in the past years by providing real-time bidding of websites in order to use them as advertising resources.

With Tanx you benefit from Promotion Management with a variety of promotion types such as fixed, pop-ups and rear projection; Information Promotion where you can conveniently create and manage promotional orders and delivery schedules; Precise orientation with multiple targeting options and accurate control of the audience reach.

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For additional information before registering on the Tanx platform, see the Information section to find out what Pricing Models they offer, which are their Targeting Options and Advertising Formats. Don’t forget to return on Affbank in order to leave a review about Tanx.

"The Tanx Ad Exchange, hereinafter referred to ADE, for per impression to promote the exchange of real-time auction market, covering China's most influential Internet sites, ad networks can help agency structure and third-party technology providers through real-time bidding to buy many Internet sites advertising resources." Translated by Google Translate


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