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OxaMedia is an advertising network that has created its own AdConneXa Advertising platform in order to offer marketing solutions for advertisers, publishers and agencies. The company’s main activities are planning and buying services so that advertisers can publish their ads.

The AdConneXa platform combines advertisers and publishers and confronts the bidding processes that can occur in less than 100 milliseconds. OxaMedia links customers to the right products.

Check the reviews on Affbank about OxaMedia and for any details regarding their Target Audience, Pricing Models and Advertising Formats, reach the Information section.

If you choose to join the OxaMedia Network, you can do that by clicking on - Join Now!

"OxaMedia is an AdNetwork that has developed its own AdConneXa© Advertising Platform which provides advertisers, agencies and publishers with unique digital marketing solutions...The Advertiser can use the several targeting tools (Contextual, Re-targeting & Re-Marketing, Premium WebSites distribution, Demographic, Channel, Geo, etc) that are relevant to its advertising objectives."


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