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Linkbucks is a platform specialized in making profit from links inside posts, website links and forum posts.

  • As a Webmaster - you can earn from Forums, Blogs and Communities
  • As a Web User - you can earn from your own links posted on different websites
  • As an Advertiser - you can use Interstitials/ Intermission ads in order to promote content

In order to register as an Advertiser, the deposit amount is minimum and the Advertising Rates are highly effective. All of us are tired to see long unskippable ads, so we made it easier. For any ad you choose, it will appear for only 10 minutes so that it has the visitor’s full attention.

If you decide to register on the Linkbucks Network, click on - Join Now! And an experienced dedicated account Manager will do the best to help you. Don’t forget to get back on Affbank to leave a review about Linkbucks.


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