FreakOut Holdings, Inc. is the holdings company of all FreakOut business in the world and parent company of FreakOut Pte. Ltd. which is the head of the global business other than Japan's market. In January 2011, FreakOut, Inc. launched the 1st Demand Side Platform (DSP) in Japan. Our platform enables marketers and advertisers to buy real-time impressions across the leading display Ad Exchanges and Supply Side Platforms. Equipped with the patent-pending technology, we have offered a white-label DSP (agency trading desk) to more than 100 agencies and has been working with hundreds of leading brands and advertisers in various industries. We have already listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in June 2014 and spread our business into global aggressively. FreakOut Pte, Ltd. launched the 1st native ad network called "Hike"​ in SEA market to provide a better user experience, and greatly to the development of smartphone industry in the world.   

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