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Datonics is the largest independent data marketplace and a significant element when it comes to ad networks since the birth of a programmatic industry.

As a Marketer, you get to access premium data and cookies used by 150 million mobile users, so you can target audience depending on the users’ history.

For Platforms, Datonics provides a cost-effective service and high-quality data for your website.

For Publishers, you can increase your revenue by using the latest targeting tools and collaborating with their top partners.

Check the reviews on Affbank about Datonics and for any details regarding their Target Audience, Pricing Models and Advertising Formats, reach the Information section.

If you choose to join the Datonics Network, you can do that by clicking on - Join Now! Once you create an account, you will get in touch with an experienced Team who will give the best to help you reach your goals with Datonics.


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