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Datawrkrz are a digital marketing that will help you unlock the power of Digital Media Buying. The company uses various plans for your campaigns in order for you to reach your target audience. If you choose Datawrkrz, you will get a customized plan according to the current market demand.

This platform provides end-to-end digital services across strategy, proposals, planning and campaign execution. If you need a partner to manipulate your digital planning and purchases, or if you want higher results on a friendly budget, you can choose to be an Advertiser at Datawrkrz.

If you seek to implement Header Bidding solutions as a publisher, Datawrkrz will increase them with 60% in yield, you also get to run campaigns on target sticky audience.

For additional information before registering on the Datawrkrz platform, see the Information section to find out what Pricing Models they offer, which are their Targeting Options and Advertising Formats.


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