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Criteo’s high-end technology is trusted for our ability to re-engage  online e-commerce sites with potential customers. We have remarkable figures that can impress any customers:  600TB Shopper Data per Day, 1.2 billion Shoppers per Month, $600 billion Commerce Sales per Year. Customers have an in-depth understanding about shoppers thanks to our shopper graph – our massive amount of granula data. We have the powerful engine designed to drive results, with three core components, including Kinetic Design, Product Recommendations, and Predictive Bidding. A simplified, seamless and unified experience is offered to your online users, whether it is adtech, martech, or data and operations infrastructure."Criteo's advanced technology enables online e-commerce sites to re-engage with potential customers who have left their website via dynamic banners containing the most relevant product specific recommendations that are generated in real-time for each individual."

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