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ClinkAd is a Native Ads platform designed to maximize your app's potential and achieve high performance when it comes to the mobile advertising experience.

Whether you choose to become an Advertiser or a Publisher, ClinkAd has dedicated solutions according to your plan.

With their Native Ads portfolio, you are promised to acquire a big amount of engaged users. ClinkAd is also using Programmatic Optimization that helps users to boost their conversions.

ClinkAd has more than 50k developers, 15 billion ads request a month, and it is presented in more than 200 countries.

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Also, check the reviews on Affbank regarding ClinkAd and the Information section to find out what Pricing Models, Advertising Formats and Targeting options they offer.

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TrafficJunky gives you access to the most adult impressions of any network. I find their interface and campaign creation to be a bit tedious and the banner sizes aren’t always standard so that creates work for me. It’s super easy to blow your budget until you know how the bidding system works and what geos to target so start slow and very specific. Their support can be good or bad just depends on who you talk to and they now offer 24/7 support thats nice. They accept a variety of payment options. I’m not a fan of their stats and have never figured out their s2s postback tracking but they are still worth using.

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I’ve used exoclick both as publisher and buyer and it’s got great features and support on both sides. As publisher they have TONS of options to monetize your traffic and add new tools as they become popular like Pre-Roll ads currently. As a buyer exoclick has access to many of the big adult porn sites and comprehensive targetting options. It's very easy to spend your budget quickly if you don't keep a close eye on your campaigns and remove unproductive sources. They have some mainstream traffic too, mostly streaming/hosting but it’s worth testing if you have offers for that traffic type. As with most bigger companies support can become complicated if you deal with multiple people but it is 24/7 and they respond very quickly including approving campaigns and ads. They take a number of payment options but do cap some of them per month so that can be a problem for some buyers. Overall one of my favorite networks for fast traffic.

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