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As an Internet Ad Consulting company, we design elite strategies and implement them for our customers, ranging from some of the biggest online sites to some of the smallest, and monetize traffic for each client. Our power is represented with more than a billion impressions a day on 35,980 websites, mainly from North America & Europe. Unlike most Ad Networks, BrandReach does not try to sell this crazy amount of traffic but highlights the value we bring to each client and works almost solely on value-based performance. We regard our clients' goals as ours and we assign staff, analyze those goals of every single client and strive to bring the best for our clients.

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Michael Phuong


Pros: Multi-level targeting Lucrative referral program 100% fill-rate You can monetize even 404 pagesCons: Payment on a monthly basis First minimum payout $100 and for WIRE it is always $500 Adult traffic is NOT accepted

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TrafficJunky gives you access to the most adult impressions of any network. I find their interface and campaign creation to be a bit tedious and the banner sizes aren’t always standard so that creates work for me. It’s super easy to blow your budget until you know how the bidding system works and what geos to target so start slow and very specific. Their support can be good or bad just depends on who you talk to and they now offer 24/7 support thats nice. They accept a variety of payment options. I’m not a fan of their stats and have never figured out their s2s postback tracking but they are still worth using.

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