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AOL Adtech is an advertising platform designed to offer solutions designed to maximize revenue regardless of the format or channel. With a portfolio of high-profile brands such as Yahoo, Tech Crunch, Verizon and many more, AOL Adtech has gained the trust of billionaire businesses and has proved that it can manage high-quality campaigns for their traffic.

Whether you are a traditional publisher, broadcaster or app developer, AOL Adtech will help you distribute your content through over 15 million videos.

AOL Adtech is using Programmatic Management for a wider inventory space and Streamlined Workflow to manage complex ad processes.

If you have any questions before registering in the AOL Adtech Network, reach the Information section for additional details.

Once you create an account, you will get a dedicated account manager to help you reach your desired revenues with  AOL Adtech.

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Michael Phuong


Pros: Multi-level targeting Lucrative referral program 100% fill-rate You can monetize even 404 pagesCons: Payment on a monthly basis First minimum payout $100 and for WIRE it is always $500 Adult traffic is NOT accepted

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TrafficJunky gives you access to the most adult impressions of any network. I find their interface and campaign creation to be a bit tedious and the banner sizes aren’t always standard so that creates work for me. It’s super easy to blow your budget until you know how the bidding system works and what geos to target so start slow and very specific. Their support can be good or bad just depends on who you talk to and they now offer 24/7 support thats nice. They accept a variety of payment options. I’m not a fan of their stats and have never figured out their s2s postback tracking but they are still worth using.

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