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BE App VN Android + IOSBidroid VN$0.5
Yodoo CPA MY IOS + AndroidBidroid MY$2
Apps library Plus (GAID required) (Android 9.0+) LV LT - Non incentHexcan LV +1$0.35
OSN Streaming (iPhone 11.4+, iPad 11.4+) BH - Non incentMobiletraffic.de BH$0.8
Amazon Prime Video (CPA) (Android 5.0+) FR - Non incentDoberman Media FR$2.73
Shahid CPA (Android 5.0+) US - Non incentDoberman Media US$0.78
OSN - Streaming App (iPhone 11.4+, iPad 11.4+) OM - Non incentDoberman Media OM$0.65
Tappytoon (Android 5.0+) US - Non incentDoberman Media US$0.95
Tappytoon Comics & Webtoons (IDFA) (iPhone 10.0+, iPad 10.0+) US - Non incentCPItraffic US$2.08
KartRider Rush+ Funtap (GAID) (Android) SG - Non incentCPItraffic SG$0.46
Deezer (CPE) (APPNAME required) (GAID required) (Android 8.0+) DE - Non incentMobiletraffic.de DE$0.52
Deezer (CPE) (APPNAME required) (GAID required) (Android 8.0+) US - Non incentMobiletraffic.de US$1.1
Triller (Android 7.0+) IN - Non incentMobiletraffic.de IN$0.08
DOGTV (CPE) (iPhone 11.0+, iPad 11.0+) US AU CA DE NZ GB - Non incentMobiletraffic.de AU +5$2
DOGTV (CPE) (Android) US AU CA DE NZ GB - Non incentMobiletraffic.de AU +5$2
Shahid (Android 5.0+) EG - Non incentMobiletraffic.de EG$0.48
BET+ (Appname+IDFA) (iPhone 12.1+, iPad 12.1+) US - Non incentIWOOP US$1
Amazon Prime Video CPA (Android 5.0+) IT - Non incentDoberman Media IT$2.73
Tappytoon Comics & Webtoons (IDFA) (iPhone, iPad) US - Non incentCPItraffic US$1.6
Bingo Town - Free Bingo Online&Town-building Game (Android) US - Non incentCPItraffic US$0.27
Tappytoon Comics & Webtoons (IDFA) (Android) US - Non incentCPItraffic US$0.95
Bingo Town (Android) US - Non incentCPItraffic US$0.14
Bingo Town (Android) AU - Non incentCPItraffic AU$0.14
Amazon Prime (Android 8.0+) IN - Non incentMobiletraffic.de IN$0.12
OSN - Streaming App (IDFA required) (iPhone 13.0+, iPad 13.0+) BH - Non incentMobvault BH$0.45
OSN - Streaming App (IDFA required) (iPhone 12.1+, iPad 12.1+) EG BH JO KW LB OM QA TN - Non incentMobvault BH +7$0.32
Hoichoi (CPE) (Android 8.0+) AE - Non incentMobiletraffic.de AE$0.88
Zee (CPE) (Android 9.0+) IN - Non incentMobiletraffic.de IN$0.32
Viu (GAID required) (Android 9.0+) MY - Non incentMobiletraffic.de MY$0.16
OSN - Streaming App (IDFA required) (iPhone 12.1+, iPad 12.1+) SA AE - Non incentIWOOP AE +1$0.23

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