Making $ 800+ daily on push traffic

Making $ 800+ daily on push traffic

It is no secret that 2018 was a year of push traffic. New push networks sprang up like mushrooms after rain, and those involved into traffic arbitrage dove head first into the topic.

Since the subject is still hot, and many are just beginning to discover the beauty of this type of traffic, we decided to talk to Mikhail Fynk the owner of "Pushkablog", expert in the field of push notifications and traffic arbitrage.

Mikhail told us about the pros and cons of push notifications, the mistakes the beginners make and how it's best to allocate your budget to avoid losses.

Uliana: Mikhail, we all know that you are not only the most ardent defender of traffic push, but also the expert in this area. Why push, please tell us more?

Mikhail: Actually, I redirect traffic from different sources. However, push allow you to find that good bundle with a great amount of traffic in a short time, instead of trying to drain a few hundred clicks from the same campaign. This is by the way the main difference between push traffic and others, if you find a bundle with of large GEO, you can buy out all the traffic of this network, provided you know what you are doing and the network generates big volumes, those are not that many.

Uliana: some would argue that push is currently at the peak of the craze, and as any hot trend it’s typically short lived. Do you think this kind of traffic will remain on the market for a long time? And if so, why?

Mikhail: the hype won’t last, that’s for sure! It will be “either or scenario”. Either you master it and generate great volume, or you’ll be gone to other sources. I think 2019 doesn’t carry much risk for push traffic. However, with time we should expect some minor changes in notification subscription pattern, fundamentally though it’s not going to change much.

Uliana: push traffic has many advantages, everyone knows this fact, but I would like to hear whether it has disadvantages too? If so, how could they be bypassed or eliminate?

Mikhail: cons can be summarized as a difficulty to define a proper target, by gender, age and so on. It is possible, but it will cut down on the overall volume, though the volume is essential for us. It is difficult to talk about cons, but many people believe in some weird myths, for example, so to say the traffic for goods in CIS is difficult to buy. But in case you didn’t know it, Instagram doesn’t offer the best traffic to buy either. Yet, none will complain about the volume of traffic over there! Some cool guys from Meta CPA buy out the whole Asia CPL push traffic, personally I have been through cases where the advertiser raised rates 3 times asking for volume. Push traffic from is a huge database of real users worldwide.

Uliana: what are the most frequent errors committed by traffic arbitrators when working with push?

Mikhail: What kind of beginners are we talking about? In case of those who come from other sources and already have an experience, the typical mistakes are:

1) Lack of understanding of the nature of push notification, of the fact that the notifications are mailed out according to an existing database

2) People are too lazy to read case studies, articles, they believe they are the smartest

3) Too lazy to do something different, to be creative, to make a landing page

The total beginners who just started arbitration and have no idea of about what they are doing, try hard to remain afloat and usually only a few remain.

Uliana: I hear a lot of complaints about the fact that when you run a campaign with a fixed budget, the budget is often exceeded, why is this happening? What is the solution in case of a limited budget?

Mikhail: I am aware of this problem, but there is a solution. In we limit it to 1 click and the minimum rate for a GEO. In case of no traffic, we go a bit up. It’s quite a hassle, but this way, you will buy just enough clicks - as many as you want. I don’t think imposing restrictions and turn the whole system upside down for solving this problem is the right way to go. It will slow down the malign process and hence reduce the volume for advertisers.

Uliana: Did you tests some of he push services except ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of those?

Michael: Of course I did, I can say that gives you the volume and quality, while other networks offer slightly lower bids, but I reckon, it is better to spend $ 500 and earn $ 1100, than spend $ 50 and earn $ 150

Uliana: What offer are more suitable for push? Which verticals work best?

Mikhail: Loans, betting, gambling, nutra and finance.

Uliana: What was your maximum earning in a day on one product? What was the vertical and the country?

Mikhail: I managed to make $ 819.2 in a day. I can’t disclose the details for the moment, I hope my next case will be out soon.

By the way, if you are interested, I applied to speak at the upcoming CPA LIFE, looking forward to seeing you there.

Uliana: 819 $, but is it consistent?

Mikhail: the next day I made $ 665, but caps and payments are extremely important, and therefore I often had to stop. Sometimes it could turn into a disaster, thus December is a terrible month, it seems everything comes back to life in January, but still not all that bright.

Uliana: You spent several months in Thailand doing traffic arbitration over there, tell us about this experience. Why Thailand? Did you manage to understand how the local people work, which strings to pull to efficiently approach them?

Mikhail: From 17 years old, as soon as I got into traffic, I badly wanted to visit this country. But I was not allowed to leave the country because I had to do my military service first, or rather they wouldn’t give me my passport. I visited Thailand for the first time 2 years ago and fell in love with this country, I love it and consider it my home. I like everything over there, it's difficult to say why, you just need to live there. I had no problems to understand all ins and outs but couldn’t apply this knowledge, all because of language barrier, no online translator will make the correct translation, and I don’t want to work with freelancer, I need a native speaker who understands the traffic, but unfortunately so far, I’ve met none.

Uliana: you have your own blog called "Pushkablog". How did you come up with this idea? What content is most popular?

Mikhail: Originally I wrote and generated traffic for , but one day my thoughts, ideas, theories, were too many and I realized that I had to gather them all in one place. The best content are cases and streams! I really like the streams where you answer questions while doing your job of traffic arbitrator in real-time. People love this approach, I receive an awesome feedback and it gives me the energy to do more.

Uliana: what types of cases are the most interesting for arbitrators? What information according to you is the most beneficial?

Mikhail: case studies are just food for thoughts. However, there are 2 types of people, those who believe and those who don’t, I understand they want to have a guarantee this is a real-life case, but I personally can easily tell the difference between a real case and a fake one. Perhaps, guys just lack analysing ability. The biggest benefit comes from the vertical approach, offer, funnel at the landing

Uliana: as far as I remember, you started with dating push traffic, you had a good case and big volumes with Alpha, why this area is no longer active? Do you have examples of cases where due to certain changes ROI sharply shot up or vice versa plummeted? What are the biggest and the smallest amount you made on dating?

Mikhail: the dating funnel is not that difficult when compared for example to goods. ROI went bonkers, when the Megapu.shguys came up with the idea of launching the campaigns at a specific time, then zero-offers could yield 50-100% ROI, provided the ad campaign was launched at the right time. I made $ 300-400 per day per campaign all up.

Dating is not quite suitable for push. There are more profitable niches, but this is where we should start the learning curve while dealing with this source of traffic. No activity means you have been too long sitting on the same spot, move on.

Uliana: during your push arbitration, were you able to identify for yourself some traffic monetization approach that work better than the rest?

Mikhail: I live in a constant search, there are subjects, that are still working and are not going to die soon. GEO certainly plays and important role in the conversion. Even in close by and familiar countries the mentality and attitude to certain products is completely different, there is no specific formula. However, let me leak the info - male potency, if done properly, can be adapted to any GEO.

Uliana: I know that you are working on a next juicy case, can you lift the secrecy and tell us a little more? What will it be about?

Mikhail: Indeed, I have been on it for about a month, it’s not as easy as it would seem, I planned to roll it out early January, but I am still plotting along. This case will have good numbers and acceptable ROI.

Uliana: are you planning any meetings or streams in the near future?

Mikhail: I am thinking to make a video project, about affiliate marketing industry. But I can’t give more details as I am not doing this alone.


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