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It only takes one idea

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Thousands of years ago, an ordinary bath session caused Archimedes to have a revelation that would change the face of physics and massively influence the scientific method for centuries to come. 

It only took the right person and random circumstance to spark an idea of immeasurable value.

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Another legend has it that in 17th century Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree in deep thought and a fruit fell on his head, by chance sparking an idea that would later become Newton’s law of gravity.

   Once again, a groundbreaking discovery made by the right observer under seemingly unrelated conditions. In the world of infinite possibilities and uncertainty, it only takes the right pair of eyes at the right time to make sense of the chaos and make life easier for everyone.


it-only-takes-one-idea on

ClickDealer employs the best in the field to keep an eye out for falling apples and rising water levels in your performance marketing campaigns.

The only difference – they give ideas to you. EUREKA!


ClickDealer offers a full range of services to help advertisers, publishers, and agencies obtain peak performance with their online marketing campaigns.

November 10, 2017

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